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Just a timid, nervous gray squirrel here…nothing too special. >.> I consider myself part of the fandom, but I don't generally do many of the typical "furry" things; most of my "furry presence" is on the internet, and what little art I create is mainly kept to myself. I'm mostly a great appreciator of (clean) art of cartoon animals of the anthropomorphic variety. :P

Don't get me wrong…you can talk to me, and I'm generally a nice person; sometimes I think I'm a little too nice… <.<

I don't generally do sexual roleplay, so please, for the love of $DEITY, don't come to me asking for it. It'll just cause awkwardness. No hate towards people who do, it's just that I'd rather not have someone try to type-sex me out of the blue.

The vast majority of murry purry furry pr0n doesn't appeal to me. As such, my faves/submissions will be generally SFW, though that doesn't mean I'm opposed to NSFW art; I do have a few "naughty" faves here and there, though they're usually just noods. :B

I don't fancy myself and artist (I'm more of a computer/programming nerd :P), so don't expect too much out of me here in the way of submissions.

My current icon is by betsy :3

Latest Journal

Confidence and ideas…?

I think lately I've been sloooowly coming to the realization that a lot of the problems I was having before was, frankly, failing to properly compartmentalize fact and fiction. Fact and verisimilitude/realism/etc. help to aid artistic expression, but they don't replace it. At some point, if you keep trying to justify more and more of your ideas and try to take them as literally as possible, you stop expressing what you want to and end up just writing a schematic/datasheet for something that probably won't work for one reason or another.

I've discussed this little "dilemma" I've been having WRT feeling like I need to justify as much of my fictitious "tech" as possible with various friends, and the general takeaway I've gotten from it seems to be that…I need to feel like my ideas are valid and okay, regardless of plausibility or a lack thereof. :/ I need to start going in with less of an attitude of needing to prove something to myself and/or others, and more of an attitude of seeking knowledge to aid expression.

I think a lot of what's been tripping me up is having this sort of childhood dream of "making cartoons real" or what have you, and feeling that expressing that desire in art, in a way that's sort of meant to be taken seriously, at least in-universe, will be met with mockery and/or derision. It's hard for me to find the confidence to just put the ideas out there, no matter how silly or implausible they may seem to others, because I want people to share my hopes and dreams I guess, I dunno. :/ Any way you slice it, though, I think the solution to it is just putting the ideas out there, no matter how ashamed I am of them or how silly and implausible and generally Bad™ they seem, and seeing what people's real reactions are.

It's okay to have dreams, and even to work towards bringing them closer to reality…just don't confuse the two, or it'll just make things unnecessarily difficult, as I've started to find out the hard way, I think.

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