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A USB mouse…literally by CodeSquirrel

A USB mouse…literally


7 June 2017 at 00:08:23 MDT

SO, this makes my first "real" art submission to this site…

I know there are MANY issues with this, but honestly? I just feel kind of glad to have gotten something done that I feel is even slightly worthy of going up on a site like this.

This really didn't turn out how I originally wanted; the original intent was to make this into a sexy ladymouse sort of character but I can't really seem to nail feminine facial features, apparently. :B So, this more masculine-looking thing came out instead. It's a robot, though, and robots can be whatever sex/gender you want them to be…fite me. :v

Anyways though, hopefully this isn't TOO bad of a first submission. I dunno how/if I'll improve my skills, since I rarely have the motivation to even work on this sort of thing, let alone finish and post it, but who knows, maybe some of the people watching me here will actually find this pretty neat and maybe encourage me to do more…? <.< >.> <.< >.> :P

ALSO, if this looks like someone's already-existing character, it's purely coincidence, I swear… xD

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