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My known username is Mirumoto Kenjiro, but friends call me Kenjiro, Kenji, Ken, and even Mirumoto or Miru. My current art specialty is 1:72-scale pixel art, most of which I make for this crowd of artists , where we make cheap (as in free) paper miniatures for gaming & educational purposes.

Despite my intrigue into military history, any political views I have I keep to myself, as this is an art site, and I'm hardly interested in sharing my views, let alone desiring to hear them from anyone else. Anything I make is either due to my military history interests or simply because I like the color or shape of something.

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on 10 May 2020 at 20:28:20 MDT

An update of things for this month.

It’s been over a week since my father is buried, and the family is still trying to cope in different ways. I am getting back into the gardening business, and will start attending small markets until the virus situation has passed over to which the city farmer’s markets will re-open. It will mean I’m making less money for a while, which at this point will become far more important to helping the family. However, I’m starting new techniques to increase production of my herbs and plants while reducing costs, like re-using soda cans as cheap planters and making my own compost.

This work means I’ll be spending a lot less time online & socializing, save for a few close friends and my business pages.

In artwork, I spent much of the time in organizing my files to try and prepare to make more art, so I didn’t draw any new projects. That, plus a general lack of motivation. For this month of May, my next set of projects will be back at fan art of cartoons, movies, and video games. Also, I’ve been taking more photos around my gardens for the business, so I might be posting some of those too.

Same issues in trying to write stories & video game ideas. This month, I’ll be focusing on compiling as much technical data and ideas as I can for the Area 88 video game and my future story series called Order of the Red Cloak, a fantasy adventure based off many European fairy tales.

Anyway, thank you to those who have given me moral support through these rough times, it’s been helpful in slowly getting somewhat back to normal.

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