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My known username is Mirumoto Kenjiro, but friends call me Kenjiro, Kenji, Ken, and even Mirumoto or Miru. My current art specialty is 1:72-scale pixel art, most of which I make for this crowd of artists , where we make cheap (as in free) paper miniatures for gaming & educational purposes.

Despite my intrigue into military history, any political views I have I keep to myself, as this is an art site, and I'm hardly interested in sharing my views, let alone desiring to hear them from anyone else. Anything I make is either due to my military history interests or simply because I like the color or shape of something.

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April To-Do Month

on 4 April 2018 at 22:22:49 MDT

Gardening/Business = Just one more month before I return to the farmer’s market. This means I’m going into overdrive to get everything ready, so it’ll be taking a lot of my spare time. Sowing seeds, transplanting plantings, trimming & feeding older plants. Added two blueberry & two blackberry plants to my collection.

Art = Lately, I’ve been behind on my work, due to various distractions, and I may be slow on this busy month. Throughout March, I focused on historically accurate projects, and found out that some of my older works aren’t as accurate. So I spent a lot of time fixing them rather than working on new projects.

Anyway, any work this month will be about gift art to friends & inspirations, new stuff and updating older gifts.

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      No Prob! Weasyl's sort of my tertiary safehouse, behind FA & dA, so I don't have as much stuff here.

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    Hey, I've seen you on Babstream, right? :)

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      Yep, and probably on Eligecos & sometimes Betsy Beaver's streams too.