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My known username is Mirumoto Kenjiro, but friends call me Kenjiro, Kenji, Ken, and even Mirumoto or Miru. My current art specialty is 1:72-scale pixel art, most of which I make for this crowd of artists , where we make cheap (as in free) paper miniatures for gaming & educational purposes.

Despite my intrigue into military history, any political views I have I keep to myself, as this is an art site, and I'm hardly interested in sharing my views, let alone desiring to hear them from anyone else. Anything I make is either due to my military history interests or simply because I like the color or shape of something.

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on 29 April 2021 at 01:10:00 MDT

Games: Turns out my internet speed has gone from somewhat decent to totally crappy, and I have not been able to improve it for free, so my family will be checking our service for potential upgrades to our pretty old equipment. Until then, I'm limited to single-player downloaded games, like SimCity 2000, Command & Conquer, and XCOM. And since I'll be back to work very soon, it's no big deal.

Business: Big news is that I'm back to work in May, growing herbs, veggies, & fruits and selling them at local farmer's markets. Since the pandemic is still an issue, I will be limited on what to bring, especially herbs that I usually harvest fresh at the markets, but I have been doing more custom orders to continue selling cut herbs. A new feature to hopefully produce more plants is a garden where I stick plant cuttings, with any chance would grow into brand new plants, and this should help me create more types of plants that I've had trouble with for several years. This year's produce should be tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, beans, & yellow zucchini, with smaller batches of blackberries, grapes, and melons.

Current Projects
Artwork – Historical & modern military
Writing – Road Rovers bios & stories
Games – Sim City 2000, Neopets
Books – Heirloom seed catalogs
TV – 80s Pound Puppies, Dinosaucers
Weekend Meals – Breakfast Platters

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