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My known username is Mirumoto Kenjiro, but friends call me Kenjiro, Kenji, Ken, and even Mirumoto or Miru. My current art specialty is 1:72-scale pixel art, most of which I make for this crowd of artists , where we make cheap (as in free) paper miniatures for gaming & educational purposes.

Despite my intrigue into military history, any political views I have I keep to myself, as this is an art site, and I'm hardly interested in sharing my views, let alone desiring to hear them from anyone else. Anything I make is either due to my military history interests or simply because I like the color or shape of something.

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Back in Action

on 2 July 2017 at 23:23:31 MDT

First off, I apologize for the lack of journals for pretty much the whole of June. One of my dogs had gotten herself hurt and required surgery to clean an opening in her side. We spent the entire month watching her 24/7, cleaning her wound and restricting her movements, I for one had taken a “shift” that had me awake from dusk to dawn. This limited my capabilities to work, so I had been away from the farmer’s market during that time of healing, and it became too draining for me to do much online.

Now, she’s just about fully healed, and I was able to work at the farmer’s market again, plus many other things. So I’m getting back at my weekly journals.

Art = During the hiatus, I had a LOT of time to draw, and managed to complete some very important projects, like the Namer armored personnel carriers, fixed my Fiat G.55 Centauro plane, and made a batch of Iraqi Kurdish soldiers. Also was able to update & upgrade some of my personal projects of the fictional world of Terrea.

Farming = Been hard to keep track of my plants during my dog’s recovery, and I lost some plants in the process. So I’m working really hard to replenish what I lost and much more. Transplanting sapling pineapple sage, lemon verbena, lots of mint & basil, and sowing cilantro & parsley seeds. Also, got a new misting system for the greenhouse, which improved the work inside, though it will need some improvements to make it better.

Advertising a Friend = Last but not least, a friend of mine has opened two YCH auctions for transformations. Auctions end at July 5th, so get it before it’s gone! (NSFW) (NSFW)

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