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My known username is Mirumoto Kenjiro, but friends call me Kenjiro, Kenji, Ken, and even Mirumoto or Miru. My current art specialty is 1:72-scale pixel art, most of which I make for this crowd of artists , where we make cheap (as in free) paper miniatures for gaming & educational purposes.

Despite my intrigue into military history, any political views I have I keep to myself, as this is an art site, and I'm hardly interested in sharing my views, let alone desiring to hear them from anyone else. Anything I make is either due to my military history interests or simply because I like the color or shape of something.

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Races of Estelbach

on 23 May 2017 at 02:34:24 MDT

Art = Been working on some gift fan art; re-outlining my G.55 fighter plane; designing some Azerbaijani machine guns

Garden/Business = Sold a lot of herbs this week, but now I gotta scramble to replenish my stock in the next two weeks. Transplanted some cherry tomatoes for home use; transplanted, trimmed, & re-soiled some herbs in my greenhouse, including peppers, pineapple sage, & thyme

Terrea & Estelbach = Now I present the Official Races of Estelbach

  • Toureg = Caucasian Hominae from the central states region. From these people came the equivalent of Greco-Roman architecture, the monotheistic Prophète Faith dans Un religious customs, and metal smithing. The de la Beaumaine and di Montessori royal families are descendants of the Touregs, as well as many other noted diplomats, scientists, clergymen, and soldiers.
  • Vhaani = Light tan-skinned Hominae from the southern coast regions. They are the progenitors of Byzantine-equivalent architecture, Philosophe Faith dans Un religious practices, and the fighting styles around their own and the Toureg’s weapons, now practiced by the Royal Armed Forces. Many are found in universities and the military, but others are found as diplomats and ambassadors to foreign countries.
  • Bal’Mar = Semi-nomadic tan-skinned Hominae from the southern coast to the east mountains. Despite no real permanent structures in the beginning, they began to develop settlements resembling Islamic architecture for prayer, rest, and seasonal farming. Also, they contribute the religious practices of Voyageur Faith dans Un, where common customs include daily prayers, un-shaven facial hair for males, and annual cross-country pilgrimages to various religious sites. Most are found in agriculture and resources, but they are not unknown to the temples, government, business, and the military, as long as the males trim their beards back.
  • Kisoch = Dark-skinned Hominae from the southern and eastern mountains, though some are also believed to come from the colonial islands, hence a larger population there. Though their ancestors used to follow polytheistic religions, many later converted to the Voyageur Faith dans Un monotheism, and their former practices are remembered for historical & heritage purposes. Besides agriculture and the military, they make prominent professors and businessmen.
  • Veicht = Light-skinned Hominae from the north. Their ancestors provided the simple but sturdy Romanesque-style architecture, and had their own forms of religion before adopting themselves to the Foi en Un practice. They are the most diverse Hominae in the nation’s social classes.
  • Garou = Official term for any lupine, vulpine, and canine people of Estelbach. Formerly the largest minority until the population grew over the past few hundred years, and soon assimilated into the largely Hominae society, accepted as a natural race. Vastly varied in cultures from where they came from, newer generations later adopted into the nation’s cultures and religions.
  • Tigres = Official term for any feline citizen of Estelbach. The second largest minority compared to the Garou, the Tigres also have become an officially recognized race of Estelbach. Like the Garou, they come from many different backgrounds and many adapted into the kingdom’s cultures.
  • Raton = Official name for the nationally recognized raccoon races of Estelbach, the third largest non-Hominae people.
  • Hyène = Officially named hyena peoples of Estelbach. Currently the last non-Hominae national race recognized.
  • Minorities = Those in numbers too small to be counted as official Estelbachtian races. Hominae from other countries can be referred to by their nationalities, followed by the Hominae term. (i.e. Gendoran Hominae). Non-Hominae people from other countries and not under official terms are referred by their home country terms.
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