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CodeSquirrel / 29 / Dude / Maryland, United States

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Confidence and ideas…?

I think lately I've been sloooowly coming to the realization that a lot of the problems I was having before was, frankly, failing to properly compartmentalize fact and fiction. Fact and verisimilitude/realism/etc. help to aid artistic expression, but they don't replace it. At some point, if you kee…

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Feeling slightly better 'bout things

So, as may be rather obvious/evident, I've been doing more art things lately. :P I think it's been somewhat helpful for my overall feelings, as it's allowed me to express them more explicitly. I won't lie, I'm still kinda conflicted on certain things, but I think doing this whole thing of actually…

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<- This thing :P

Disregard last journal entry, I made things. :T Depending on your registration status and/or SFW filters, you'll either see a dark-gray USB shinymouse here or something…sexier. :P

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Hurp Durp

Mostly just wanted to put something else here to get that old, smelly, depressing journal entry off my front page. :B I do still feel a smidge guilty about my lack of "real" contribution to the fandom, though, be it monetary (commissions etc.) or in the form of art I make myself or something. Hones…

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What am I doing here, again?

I honestly have no idea anymore…I know this will probably come off as just another whiny "furry drama" journal entry, but I'm just kind of feeling terrible and like a whiny mooch right now. v.v I'm on two furry art sites, follow a bunch of artists on Twitter, can afford none of them for commissions…

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I finally dun saw The Nut Job

…and I liked it. :B inb4 "I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)" parodies. xP Well, I should say I liked it for the most part. The only major thing that bugged me was Gangnam Style, but that was tolerable at least; it didn't ruin the whole movie for me, anyway. :P Of course being nitpicky I think I also…

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Woo, Banner!

It's not much, but it is original content…at least in the sense that I put it together; the fonts used are both not mine (a TTF adaptation of the DOS/ROM font of ye olde IBM PC days, and a tiny bitmap font I use for my terminal), but I did draw the pixel squirrel all by myself! :B

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Why, oh why does Livestream (and other, similar sites) hate me so?

> try to enter username/e-mail address to reset password > "Invalid username or email address" > try both of my e-mail addresses > "Invalid username or email address" > try to retrieve username, using both e-mail addresses > "Invalid email address" > ಠ_ಠ > check to make sure JS is allowed, it is >…

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We finally got moved to a new place. It's been a long few days, and we're still in the process of getting settled in and unpacking, but at least the majority of the big work is done. x.x;;

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That stalker meme thing

What's your real name? <.<; Must I say? How tall are you? …haven't measured recently, but probably around 5'8/9", close-ish to 6' (no idea, just a ballpark figure) What's your natural hair color? Dark brown What's your eye color? 'Hazel'…? (I don't look at myself in the mirror very much in detail x…