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October Writing Commission Sale!

on 5 October 2018 at 13:48:07 MDT

So I need some money for some stuff I'm trying to get, and I was hoping doing something with commissions would help, so I'll be doing a sale throughout the month of October. All commissions that are bought in this month will be HALF OFF! When all is said and done and a price is decided, I will just straight up cut it in half! Please consider commissioning me if you can, they're greatly appreciated and as of now they are very helpful! You can just comment on this journal or send me a note if you want to talk about getting one!

Also don't forget, almost ANY of the characters in the linked folder below can be used in any story you commission me to write!

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$ 3.00

So I've always loved writing with a passion, and I wanted to see if anyone would want to commission me to write for them! I try to make my prices as fair as possible, and am ALWAYS open to criticism on whatever I do! Price info and such is below, so read on if you're interested!


The first character in a story is free, any more beyond that is $1 per character.
For word count, the price depends on the rating of the story itself.
General Rating/SFW: 75 cents per 100 words
Mature Rating: 1 dollar per 100 words
Explicit Rating: I do not write explicit stories.

Minimum Possible Price: Around $3 for a single-character, non-explicit, 400-word story
Maximum Possible Price: There isn't really a maximum, as it depends on how long the story is.

I try to keep prices as low as I can!
USD Payments through PayPal only, please!

Please note that while I am comfortable with most things, there are SOME things I'm not comfortable with writing. I will say what these are on a case-by-case basis, so please respect my boundaries (even though there aren't many of them).

DISCLAIMER: I am limiting my commission lengths to a maximum of 2000 words, as that is as long as I can guarantee I'll be able to make a single story. If you want something longer, please consider commissioning me for two, shorter stories. I promise I will NOT charge you again for any characters in the second story that were also in the first so long as you keep it all in one message.



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