Just One Won't Hurt... [FRE-COM] by chemgas650

Ichigo, a Zorgoia of about 11 feet in height, was wandering the forest around the cave she called home, looking for something to eat. Being a Zorgoia, she normally only needed to eat once about every three weeks.Those three weeks had recently passed, and, as expected, her stomach was now grumbling for something to eat. A branch brushed over the off-white fur that covered most of her body, save for some dark red spots along her sides. A line of pink fur went from the tip of her snout, towards the back of her slim head, down the back of her neck and over her spine, and all the way to her pink tail. She had two rings of brownish fur on her neck, with a few brown spots on the backs of her large, off-white ears. Two green, snakelike eyes scanned the immediate area, searching for possible prey, while her tail swayed behind her, a tuft of crimson fur at its tip concealing a sharp, black stinger.
Once, a long time ago, Ichigo had found a bush of strange berries on one of her hunts, and ate around ten of them. Within minutes, she had become a juice-filled, creaking sphere, and was left immobile until, thankfully, one of her friends came along to help her. She came across the bush that held those same berries and, while it was tempting to have another one, she turned away from it and continued onwards. The thought lingered in the back of her mind, though, and soon she was turning around to face the bush another time. Considering it took a bunch of berries to do what they did last time, then only ONE berry shouldn’t leave her in too bad a shape, right?
Approaching the bush, Ichigo licked her lips with her lime green tongue, becoming somewhat excited at having one of these berries again. One of them seemed particularly ripe, and it was that one of which she carefully bit off of the bush. The juice practically exploded in her mouth, filling it with a strong taste that was almost like that of a blueberry. She swallowed the berry and smiled, feeling proud of herself for doing what she thought was playing it safe.
A familiar gurgling sound arose from her belly, the juice beginning to do what it did to her last time. While the berry itself didn’t make much of a difference in sating her hunger, she could tell she was feeling fuller and fuller with time. She looked between her front legs, watching as her stomach began to extend outwards. What she couldn’t see, at least for now, was the shade of dark blue that was spreading across her face. It had started at the tip of her snout, and was working its way across her entire body, now having covered her entire face as it slowly went down her neck.
Her stomach kept growing, now making her look like she swallowed a beach ball whole as the juice continued to grow within her. At this point, Ichigo felt like she was far past being overfull, and thankfully the juice stopped multiplying at that time. She finally saw the blue color her fur was taking on, but paid no mind to it considering it had been there the last time she ate these berries. Regardless, she started heading back home, listening to the juice splashing around in her distended stomach as it swayed from side to side.
As she walked home, she felt a strange tingling sensation inside her. It wasn’t unlike how it felt to have her skin stretched taut, but she was nowhere near what she knew her capacity to be. For now, she ignored it; it was a pleasing feeling anyway. As she continued walking though, she failed to realize the change that was happening within her body.
Even though she had spent a lot of time full of juice on her previous encounter with these berries, it was only her first time, so her body hadn’t gotten used to having the stuff inside her. However, this time, her stomach was more accustomed to having a bunch of juice, and it was about to start producing the stuff on its own.
Eventually, Ichigo made it home, and she was still smiling as she entered her cave. However, unbeknownst to her, her stomach had bulged out another couple inches. She curled up around her belly inside her dark abode, falling asleep rather quickly thanks to how full she was feeling. In her sleep, though, her belly was making more juice on its own, now without the aid of the berry she had eaten.
Ichigo’s stomach slowly expanded as she slept, continuing to fill with berry juice as she kept making more of it. Eventually, she was more belly than Zorgoia, and the tingling feeling in her stomach had spread throughout her hide as it stretched to contain the juice within her. Eventually, her front and back legs started rounding out too, the juice in her body filling into every possible area it could push its way into. Throughout all of this, Ichigo remained sound asleep, not waking up until she heard the ominous creaking of her taut hide.
The noise didn’t startle her more than it simply worried her, and she didn’t fully realize what had happened until she noticed that a huge amount of blue fur was taking up most of her vision. The taste of tart blueberries was left in her mouth, and all she could smell was berry juice. She looked at as much of herself as she possibly could, which wasn’t much beyond the front side of her huge stomach. She noticed that juice was trickling out from between her lips, and that her cheeks had blown up to almost comical proportions.
Ichigo whimpered, lost on what to do now as she sat there, immobilized and helpless. She could feel her hide growing steadily tighter as she kept producing juice, and the thought of being filled to the point of bursting began to creep into her mind. However, a faint hope illuminated within her as she heard a set of footsteps outside of the cave.
Entering the cave was Ichigo’s friend, Cherri, a wolf of a little over 6 feet in height and mostly beige fur. She had bloodred patches of fur spread throughout her coat, as well as one over one of her two yellow eyes. A shock of light green hair went between two pointed ears, and a very fluffy tail swayed behind her, showing her excitement in visiting Ichigo. However, that tail, along with the rest of Cherri, stopped in her tracks as she saw the huge, blue dome that was now Ichigo’s stomach. The wolf quickly rushed over to her friend and asked what happened.
After a quick few moments were spent with Ichigo’s telling Cherri what had happened, Cherri ran off to grab a certain something. She normally kept a portable juicer on her, although this time she had left it at home. The time spent running to go get it was filled, from Ichigo’s point of view, with creaks and groans from her hide that increased in volume with time. Her stomach just wouldn’t stop making more juice, relentlessly continuing to pump it into her own body as the pressure inside her grew.
Ichigo could feel how the juice was pressing outwards in every direction from within her belly, trying to break free of her body but to no avail, at least not yet. Ichigo desperately hoped Cherri would come back soon, and at that moment, she could feel herself being unable to concentrate on anything other than the pressure inside herself, becoming dazed as her thoughts were consumed by the tingling feeling in her hide.
Cherri came running back a couple minutes later, carrying her portable juicer with her as she approached Ichigo. Not long later, Ichigo was back down to size, and her fur had gone back to its normal color. The two looked at each other for a few moments before Cherri spoke. “You do realize that you’ll have to juice yourself regularly from now on… right?”
Ichigo blushed, looking at the ground and nodding with a sigh. She whimpered slightly, looking at Cherri with pleading eyes. Cherri shook her head, knowing what she was about to ask. “No, there aren’t any ways to really reverse the effects. I might be able to get something so you don’t have to be juiced as often, but you’ll probably be making juice for the rest of your life…”
Again, Ichigo whimpered and sighed. She’d have to accept her new life as a berry, whether or not she liked it. Maybe she could find a way to have fun with it, but it’d surely be at least somewhat annoying. Nonetheless, here she was, already able to feel her stomach making juice again, like it probably would for a very, very long time. If nothing else, at least she had Cherri, who was willing to help her out when needed.

Just One Won't Hurt... [FRE-COM]


26 January 2019 at 12:54:35 MST

This was done as a VERY overdue giveaway reward for ADominicWorld on FurAffinity ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/adominicworld ), who wanted something involving becoming a permaberry.

Cherri and Ichigo owned by: Me!

Ichigo is going on one of her hunting sessions when she spots some familiar berries, deciding to have one despite the effects they had on her last time. Despite doing what she thought was playing it safe, though, things still go quite wrong...

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