A Fortunate Encounter [P] by chemgas650

Platlu roamed around the forest he called home, going about the daily task of finding something to eat as his dark blue, snakelike eyes scanned the area around him. His light blue-furred ears rotated this way and that, listening to the nature surrounding him for any possible noise that could give away the location of potential prey. His stomach grumbled, lightly shaking the fluffy purple fur that covered his entire underside as well as forming a tuft at the end of his tail to conceal his sharp, white stinger. His sides, legs, and shoulders had the same color of fur as his ears, and it was just as fluffy as the fur on his underside. Green fur went from the tip of his snout and between his ears; covering most of his face save for the sides of his jaw while also covering his neck, his back, and eventually his tail.
Being a huge beast and standing at twelve feet in height, Platlu didn’t exactly have the easiest time staying hidden in the foliage. He sighed in frustration as a deer swiftly ran away from him, causing another failed catch to be added to the mental list forming in his head. Things usually didn’t go this poorly for him, especially since the ground wasn’t covered in leaves like it had been in the fall. He turned around and started heading back towards the cave he resided in, giving up for the day and deciding to try again the next day.
Along the way back, though, Platlu could tell that something had been following him. He kept his guard up, stinger ready to lash out at any attackers if something jumped out at him. When he neared his cave, he finally heard a voice from his side, and turned towards the source as it spoke.
“Don’t be afraid, I’m here to help you.” A wolf covered in light blue fur, save for a hollow yellow triangle on his chest, stepped out from behind a tree. He didn’t seem like much of a threat, seeing as Platlu towered over the six-foot stranger.
Platlu spoke with caution, keeping his guard up for now. “Well, what do you have to offer?”
With a smile, the stranger pulled out a small ball, about one inch in diameter. “I have a bunch of these with me. If you want, I can help you plant them around your cave. They grow quickly, so you won’t need to worry about hunting ever again.”
Platlu was very suspicious, but decided to go with things for now. “…alright. Do you have any samples of what these things grow into?”
The stranger nodded. “Yes, but let’s get these ones planted first. My name is Kittloc, by the way.”
“I’m Platlu; it’s good to know your name.”
The pair got to work planting about ten of the small orbs around the entrance of Platlu’s cave. When it was all done, they stood back with a smile before the zorgoia’s belly grumbled again. Platlu turned to Kittloc before speaking. “So… about that sample…”
Kittloc seemed oddly ready for the request, already having pulled out what looked like a blue carrot. “Yep, right here! I have to get going, but those plants should grow into these in about three days. The seeds will grow on one end of them; just plant those to get more.”
With that, Kittloc walked away, leaving Platlu with the small bit of food. Platlu frowned, having expected something more from the wolf. Regardless, he picked up the thing in his mouth and swallowed it, feeling oddly satisfied for eating something so small.
Platlu took another look at the things he had just planted, noticing that small stems were already starting to protrude from the ground. He smiled, knowing that his visitor was at least right in that they grew very quickly.
At that moment, Platlu realized he felt very full. His stomach gurgled, but not because it was empty. He took a look at his underside and noticed a slight bulge in his belly, of which was growing right in front of his eyes. He moved one of his front paws to the growing dome, giving it a curious pat and hearing a hollow, almost drum-like noise as a result. He could also hear a small hissing sound coming from his middle, and came to the conclusion that he must be filling with some kind of gas.
Platlu had been a victim of inflation before, and he actually didn’t mind it all that much. Plus, he did feel like he had eaten a considerable amount, so he decided it would be best to just let things take their course. He went into his cave, though, just for the sake of keeping the situation contained within his own home.
By the time he got to the end of his cave, his stomach was about the size of a beach ball, his expansion having picked up the pace considerably. He also felt like he had lost some weight, but didn’t quite know why. He sat down on his rear end, putting his back against the wall of his home and rubbing both sides of his expanding stomach with his front paws. His skin was tingling quite a bit, and in a very pleasing way as it kept being stretched more and more with every passing second.
An experimental squeeze of his gut showed that Platlu’s stomach skin had plenty of room to stretch beyond this point. His chest had started growing too, filling with whatever strange material was being produced inside his own body. Platlu didn’t mind though, hugging his growing middle and squeezing it with a smile, fully enjoying whatever was going on at the moment.
Slowly, Platlu started to rise from the ground, floating midair as he continued to inflate. His chest and stomach were now one large dome, of which was being squeezed by Platlu’s firm hug as it grew more and more, bulging around his arms to form two smaller domes rather than one large dome.
The sensation of floating was something completely new to Platlu, but he loved it nonetheless. He wasn’t afraid or anything, but instead he felt a strange feeling of inner peace. He felt almost like this was… how things were supposed to be. He could feel his chest growing and pushing against the underside of his jaw, but he didn’t mind at all, especially since he was still able to hug his growing self to his heart’s content.
Slowly, Platlu’s hands were forced to move away from one another as that still-growing dome of his pushed further and further outwards. Soon enough, he was reduced to gently rubbing and pressing on the sides of his inflating middle.
His back, sides, and limbs hadn’t grown in the slightest, which was all the better to Platlu if anything, since it allowed him to enjoy everything even more. The hissing from his middle started becoming quieter and quieter, until it stopped completely along with the inflation of his body. The dome that was his chest and belly was about the size of a van, and Platlu was left floating in midair until the effects of that strange food wore off. Whenever that was, though, Platlu knew the first thing he would do to celebrate…

A Fortunate Encounter [P]


28 April 2019 at 15:12:04 MDT

Platlu is roaming the forest on an unsuccessful hunt when a stranger confronts him...

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