PuffLaser [P] by chemgas650

A large group of furs had gathered at the entrance to a recently built laser tag arena, which had been named PuffLaser after its unique twist to their games. Rather than the game being team based and with points, each round was a free-for-all between the participants. Each laser was modified to inflate those it hit, filling them with air on every successful shot. A player was considered “eliminated” when they were rendered immobile, but they weren’t actually removed from the battlefield until the round was officially over.
The host of this party was a wolf named Kittloc. His whole body was covered in blue fur, save for the thick outline of a triangle on his chest, which was in yellow fur. The tips of his toes, fingers, and his tail also had yellow fur, and he had two eyes with dark brown irises. Upon first hearing about this establishment, Kittloc’s love for inflation had gotten him to almost immediately organize a large party with some friends, and now here he was.
The first friend he had invited was a black furred horse named Chirp. His whole body had fur the color of charcoal, save for a dark green mane and tuft of hair that went from his snout, down his back, and formed into a sizable tail. Two wings with feathers in a darker shade of green sprouted from his shoulder blades, each of them easily large enough to keep him in the air if he wished to fly. He wore a blue scarf around his neck, which went nicely with his two blue eyes. The invite was a welcome surprise to Chirp, and he was happy to come.
Secondly, there was Goldie, a pooltoy wolf. Much of his rubber was a darkish yellow color, while a black nose sat at the tip of his snout. There was a nozzle on his white rubbered belly, which had the same color as his torso and the lower half of his face. His hands were nubs, and his “fingers” were white, along with his toes and the tip of his short tail. A small “tuft” of light green hair went between two small ears, and he had two light blue eyes to go with it.
It was a small party of three, but it was most certainly enough for a small game of laser tag. When they entered the building, a feline receptionist greeted them, asking for their tickets for their game. Kittloc smiled and handed him three small blue slips, each of them granting one slot each for himself and his friends. A short while later, Kittloc, Chirp, and Goldie were led to a small room that was connected to the actual arena, along with a few other furs that had games at the same time as them. After watching a short instructional video about safety in the ring, they were each given a small laser gun and led into the arena.
Another couple minutes passed before a signal was given through the various loudspeakers in the arena, beginning the game as the numerous competitors started running and firing at one another. Goldie had only taken a couple steps before he felt a small poke at his side, followed by a sudden hiss as his belly expanded considerably. His inflation only lasted a few moments before he managed to get away from his assailant, but it was enough to make movement an ordeal in and of itself. Goldie waddled around the arena, unable to reach his nozzle to deflate himself as he simply hoped that nobody else found him relatively soon.
In another corner of the battlefield, Kittloc was teasing a spherical gray wolf, his victim’s hide creaking with each poke. He couldn’t stay long, though, as he heard footsteps nearby before he ran off, leaving the overinflated canine in a pressure daze behind him. He peeked out from behind a wall as Chirp, of all furs, appeared from around a nearby corner, immediately spotting the immobile wolf in front of him. His curiosity got the better of his nervousness, and with a pounding heart he approached the canine.
Before he knew what was happening, Kittloc had fired his laser three times, two of his shots managing to hit Chirp as he yelped in surprise. A hissing sound filled the air as his stomach quickly ballooned outward, followed by the expansion of his torso as it became one with his belly. Kittloc smiled as he watched a startled Chirp inflate, not stopping until the horse’s middle was as big as a yoga ball. Chirp turned towards Kittloc, trying to properly aim his gun but fumbling constantly before Kittloc fired his laser one more time, furthering his predicament and causing his arms to inflate as well as his legs. This continued until Chirp, still fumbling with his gun, rolled onto his belly, his hide beginning to creak and groan from being overstretched.
Kittloc chuckled to himself, giving the overinflated chirp a couple pats on the side as he moaned from being put in an intense pressure daze. Kittloc decided to leave Chirp where he was for now, and maybe come back for him at a later time. For now, though, there were more enemies to inflate.
Goldie had been waddling around for a good bit of time now, the few other enemies he had found fortunately being unaware enough for the pooltoy to quickly render them immobile. He currently stood next to an overinflated fox, rubbing his stomach as he looked around for any other players that could potentially put him out of the game. He didn’t notice anyone until he suddenly heard a hissing coming from his middle, and before he knew it his stomach and torso were inflating as one, his whole middle having turned into one large dome as it expanded. Thankfully, his inflation stopped just has his chest started encroaching on his sight, but there was a certain tingling in his rubber, and it was definitely demanding some of his attention.
His assailant made themselves known, chuckling before speaking. “Hey, Goldie, never expected to see you here too.”
The voice was oddly familiar, but Goldie couldn’t place his finger on the source until he managed to fully turn towards them. In front of the pooltoy stood Kori; a green and blue furred fox. He wore a black hoodie with khaki pants, and judging by his slim figure Goldie assumed he hadn’t yet been hit by any lasers. Kori’s blue tail swayed behind him, showing his happiness at this unexpected encounter.
Goldie couldn’t help but sound surprised, still recovering from the shock of Kori’s sneak attack. “Well, I’m happy to see you too.”
The two shared a smile before Kori suddenly aimed his gun and pulled the trigger, causing Goldie to stumble slightly and roll onto his inflating middle. His arms and legs turned into hills on his now spherical body, and Goldie found himself unable to concentrate on anything other than his overstretched hide. He could vaguely feel himself being rolled to a different location as Kori spoke to himself, saying something about having good cover.
Kittloc had been making quick work of a few more competitors, and suddenly an announcement was made over the loudspeakers. “There are three players remaining.”
A grin spread across the blue fox’s face as he gave his most recent victim a playful poke. Only a few more to go, he thought. Things had been surprisingly easy so far, but when he turned around he found himself face to face with one of the few remaining enemies: a white-furred cat. She had a sinister grin on her face as she stared at Kittloc with two pink eyes. “Well, looks like we’re most of what’s left.”
Kittloc laughed nervously, trying to come up with something to do to get out of this predicament. “Yeah… pretty impressive, isn’t it?”
The mysterious cat laughed, shrugging. “I play here often, it’s common for me to come out on top. I’m Violet, what’s your name?”
“Kittloc, this is my first time here.” An idea formed in his mind as he slowly shifted his position, preparing to go for a daring move.
“Nice to meet you. You seem oddly confident for someone who’s about to be turned into a balloon.”
Kittloc smirked as he moved quickly. A hand went up to grab Violet’s gun, while his other hand fired quickly at the cat’s midsection. Three shots were fired from Kittloc at almost point blank range, and suddenly Violet’s stomach and chest were ballooning out at a rapid speed. Violet stumbled backwards in surprise, rolling onto her back as it began to inflate and making herself immobile. However, she managed to get a single shot on Kittloc before she was out, and that left him with an annoyingly large stomach.
“Two competitors remaining.”
The announcement from the loudspeakers was music to Kori’s ears. There was only one more fur between him and victory. He kept rolling Goldie around as he walked, making sure to keep the pooltoy with him in case he needed to hide behind the balloon. Nearby, a small hiss alerted him to the location of what was probably his final enemy, and with a smile he started heading in that direction.
Kittloc placed a hand on his yoga ball of a belly, frowning at his being hit. Behind him, a creaking noise caused him to turn around to see an overinflated Goldie rolling towards him. He quickly stepped around a corner, hoping to see who was approaching him. Soon, Goldie was rolled past him, and out came a green and blue fox, wearing a hoodie and khaki pants. Kittloc didn’t know who they were, but in the moment his main goal was to defeat his last enemy.
Kittloc fired a shot from his laser gun, managing to hit the fox and causing their stomach to bloat out to the size of a beach ball as they ran behind Goldie. Realizing his opponent’s strategy, Kittloc sighed as he aimed his gun at the overinflated pooltoy, sighing as he fired a shot at his friend. Goldie barely noticed the poke in his side as he started growing even more, his hide creaking and groaning loudly as he was stretched even further past his limits.
When his inflation was finished, all of Goldie’s rubber had been stretched thin enough to become transparent, revealing Kori on the opposite side of the huge balloon. Another shot was fired from Kittloc’s gun, and before long a huge creak came from Goldie’s hide before a sudden BANG filled the arena, followed by various rubber shards floating to the ground.
Kori was knocked onto his belly from the force of Goldie’s being popped, and as he frantically moved to stand up Kittloc pulled his trigger another time, making a direct hit on Kori’s back. His torso and chest started puffing outwards as his belly kept growing, pushing him up and off of his knees as he finally managed to stand up. He spun around as much as he could, managing to aim enough to get another hit on his assailant before he felt a final prod in his back.
Kori sighed, accepting his defeat as he was inflated even further. His jacket, which had already been strained considerably from his inflation, as well as his pants, burst apart, unable to hold together as Kori’s hide pressed outwards against the articles of clothing. His arms and legs became domes on his body, and his paws slowly sank down into his body as it kept ballooning outwards. Even his neck puffed up around his snout, clamping it shut while Kittloc claimed his victory.
Later, after everyone had been deflated, reformed, and had regrouped, everyone got to know each other more casually, congratulating one another on how they did in the game. With the round itself over, and most furs having other things to get to, they traded information and went their own ways, although they knew they would likely meet here again sometime soon…

PuffLaser [P]


3 March 2019 at 17:54:24 MST

This is my longest story in a while, hope you enjoy!

Kittloc and a couple of friends decide to head to a new laser tag arena, having plenty of fun and even meeting some unexpected opponents...

Kittloc owned by: Me!
Kori owned by: Kori the Wolf (discord name)
Goldie owned by: Astro_the_hazmat_suiter on FurAffinity ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/astrothehazmatsuiter )
Chirp owned by: wolfs-rock on FurAffinity ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolfs-rock )
Violet owned by: https://aminoapps.com/c/coincommissionn/page/user/solis/EaK3_P8s4fwjZWe628PrYdL1eRv7nnxqWvfG

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