Last Minute Surprise [H] by chemgas650

Inside of a house that belonged to a certain Wickerbeast named Zaru, a group of furs had gathered to set up a special celebration for their friend. That day was Zaru’s birthday, and Goldie, a friendly pooltoy, had come up with the idea to surprise him with a party. Things had hastily been thrown together, generic birthday decorations hanging in various areas of Zaru’s spacious living room, but it was looking great considering how quickly this event had been organized. Something was still missing, though, and nobody could put their finger on it…
Goldie’s rubber was mostly yellow, save for the nubs that were his hands and feet, the insides of his thighs, his torso and belly, and the underside of his tail. A small “tuft” of green rubber went between two yellow ears, and a black nose sat at the end of his snout. He had two blue eyes, and often had a very friendly smile on his face. Currently, he was putting some streamers up at the moment, trying to figure out what would complete the party.
Another fur, who had brought a cake for the party, was a wolf named Jazzu. Most of Jazzu’s body was covered in light blue, soft fur. He had snow white fur on his chest, stomach, and the bottom half of his arms and legs. He had brown eyes, and fluffy black hair covered much of his head. He sat on a couch, looking at his cake as he wondered what everyone was missing.
Solis and Alex were making some final preparations for the party, going around the room and seeing if anything would make the room feel better. Solis was a white furred fox with a rather shy temperament. She wore a yellow short-sleeve shirt with jeans that fit snugly around her legs. She had a fluffy tail that was swaying behind her, and a tuft of fluffy green hair went between her ears, covering one of her blue eyes, her right one specifically. She had a robotic left arm with a strap going around her torso to hold it to her body, and a pair of goggles sat on her forehead as she scanned the room another time.
Alex, who was currently standing next to Solis, was a lioness with a curvy, albeit slightly chubby, figure. She wore a white jacket that was cut just above her stomach, and a long, thin tail swayed behind her. She had a head of long brown hair, with two yellow ears that stood straight up. She had two brown eyes, and a small brown nose that twitched every so often.
Sitting next to the front door of the house was a dragon named Kazu. He had two golden horns atop his head and two light green eyes. He was somewhat fat, with a noticeable potbelly that was covered with gold scales. His chest and the front side of his neck had scales of this same gold color, while the rest of his body was a dark shade of blue. He was serving as a lookout, waiting to see any sign of Zaru approaching the house so he could warn the others inside. He too could tell that something just wasn’t right, and one could practically see the gears turning in his head as he tried to think of something that could be added to this celebration.
Suddenly, an idea entered his mind as he smiled, turning around and going inside. “I think I have an idea… did anyone bring balloons?”
A moment passed while everyone looked at one another, and soon it was realized that no, in fact, nobody had brought balloons for the party. Kazu sighed, feeling somewhat nervous at the moment. “Well… what if we made ourselves into the balloons? I mean… Zaru does like inflating others… so maybe it could be a little bit of an extra gift.”
Goldie got down from the stool he was standing on, looking optimistic about the suggestion. “That sounds like a good idea… Does Zaru have any helium around here?”
Solis giggled, smiling. “Probably… Being a balloon for the party sounds fun!”
Jazzu had gotten up from his seat, and he soon came back with a tank as he set it down. “I found it…”
Goldie grabbed the tank, and the hose that was attached to it, with a smile as he offered one end to Jazzu. “Thanks, Jazzu! How about you go first?”
The blue wolf sighed, not offering any resistance as he simply took the hose and swallowed some of its length. Without much hesitation, Goldie turned the wheel on the top of the tank, causing a hissing sound to emanate from it as Jazzu felt the cold gas flowing down his neck. He felt awfully full as a pressure built up in his middle, and shortly after his stomach started to protrude outwards.
Within moments, Jazzu had a noticeable potbelly, which soon grew to the size of a basketball. He could feel the helium already pulling him upwards as his stomach grew further and further, eventually becoming a few feet across in diameter before his torso started to expand as well. Slowly, Jazzu’s feet left the ground, pulled upwards by the helium inside him. His sides and back started to round out, giving him a close resemblance to a balloon as his arms and legs began to puff out too, the helium filling into any part it could in Urufu’s body.
His limbs became domes on his spherical body, his hand and feet paws sinking down into them as his back bounced against the ceiling. His neck grew too, sucking his head in slightly while his cheeks grew to comical proportions. His hide began to creak and groan as, from Jazzu’s point of view, it tingled like mad. The sensation was pulling at his every though, and quickly became very hard to ignore as he was inflated past his normal limits. His whole body was about the size of the small car, and he had stopped growing altogether at this point as pressure continued to build inside of him, helium still managing to force its way into his body.
Soon, the hissing from the tank quieted down considerably, and kept doing so until it was completely quiet. Goldie pulled the hose out of Jazzu’s mouth, and thankfully his cheeks were puffed up enough to clamp it shut and keep the helium in his body. Goldie looked at the tank, sighing when he saw it was in fact empty. “Well, I guess I’ll have to go grab another one…”
In the meantime, Alex had gone out to the back of Zaru’s house, and from there she could be heard as she spoke. “Floating balloons are nice and all, but I think we need a waterbed too!”
The faint sound of running water became more audible as Alex came back into the room, now with a water hose in her mouth. Her stomach was already noticeably bigger, and was still growing. Her belly was the size of a basketball currently, and when Alex gave it a pat there was an audible sound of sloshing water coming from within her.
Her stomach kept growing slowly and steadily, now reaching the size of a beach ball as her chest began to grow outwards, straining her jacket as she inflated further and further. Before long, Alex was on her knees due to the weight of the water, her stomach spreading outwards as she lay on top of it. Her arms and legs started to fill with water, causing her body to resemble more of a blob than an actual lioness. She could no longer move her arms or legs, and her hide groaned as it was stretched past her limits.
Alex was about as big as a large wardrobe when the flow of water stopped. Someone had gone to turn it off, and that person was revealed to be Kazu as he came back into the room. He pulled the hose out of Alex’s mouth, took out a rope, and tied it around Alex’s muzzle to keep the water in. With a smirk he took a seat on Alex’s water-filled body, sinking in due to the elasticity that was still in her hide.
Kazu spoke shyly, but still loudly enough to be heard. “I think this was the right decision… The party definitely feels more complete, to say the least…”
At this time, Goldie had finally found more helium, and he came back holding two tanks of the stuff. “I found some more helium! Who wants to go next?”
“Well… maybe you could be next?” Kazu shrugged, not exactly wanting to be inflated next.
Goldie shook his head, quickly putting down the suggestion. “Uhh… no thanks… I-I don’t feel like blowing up today.”
Goldie tried to come up with something else to say, but while he fumbled with that in his mind Kazu had managed to take a tank, undo the plug on Goldie’s belly, and put the hose inside. He turned the valve and a hissing sound filled the room as Goldie’s middle suddenly started to expand, helium working its way into his belly.
Goldie looked down and noticed this, instinctively trying to pull the hose out. Despite his attempts, though, his plug was already too far out of his reach to open on his own. That didn’t stop him from trying, though, and he pressed down on his expanding rubber, as if that would do anything to slow his inflation. His sides and back were expanding too, and after only a few more seconds he felt himself lifting off the ground, pulled up by the helium in his hollow body.
His rubber let out a long creaking noise when his arms and legs started to look more like hills than actual arms and legs. His body was spherical, and his neck had inflated to the point of sucking his head down into his own body. He couldn’t feel anything other than the intense tingling in his rubbery skin as the helium in his body pressed outwards in every direction from within him. His tail had blown up into a second sphere of its own that was attached to his spherical body, not that Goldie realized that through his intense pressure daze.
The helium was turned off when Goldie was about the size of a weather balloon, bobbing around on the ceiling next to Jazzu as they both just mumbled incoherently.
Solis had been laughing to herself during the display, and Kazu took notice of this by the time Goldie’s plug had been resealed. He checked the tank, noticing there was still quite a bit of helium in it, and he decided that now was his chance to turn Solis into a floating balloon. Taking the hose, he pushed it into Solis’ open mouth, causing her to instinctively clamp down on it and gulp down some of its length. He twisted the wheel on the tank and started letting the helium flow, Solis immediately feeling the building pressure in her stomach.
Her shirt quickly started riding up her belly as it expanded outwards, inflating to the size of a basketball after only a few seconds. Rather than resisting, though, Solis was already somewhat dazed from her inflation, the tingling feeling in her hide rapidly intensifying even though she was nowhere near her limits. She fell onto her rear, rubbing her stomach with both hands and making only very small movements towards getting the hose out of her mouth.
Soon, her chest started to inflate as well, and her shirt was straining to hold together as her middle became one large, expanding dome. Her sides and back were rounding out as well, giving her a spherical torso as the seams in her shirt audibly started tearing apart, one by one. Eventually, the helium managed to push into her non-robotic arm, causing it to inflate as her shirt finally burst into shreds.
Solis’ legs were somewhat harder to puff up, seeing as they had tough jeans covering them. However, with time, enough helium had pushed its way into her body to cause them to finally expand, causing her jeans to begin ripping apart as they strained to stay together. Eventually, those too fell apart, and she began to rise into the air as her arms and legs became too full of helium to move properly. They stuck straight out, rigid at this point as the pressure in her body rose.
The first creak in Solis’ hide didn’t come until she rivaled the size of a car, and even then she wasn’t very close to her limits. However, the helium in the tank was starting to run out, and soon her inflation came to an end as the tank was finally emptied.
Kazu pulled the hose out of Solis’ mouth and smiled, watching as she, Goldie, and Jazzu bobbed around on the ceiling together; this certainly was the right way to complete this party. Suddenly, behind Kazu, the front door to Zaru’s house opened, and Zaru himself walked in, seeing the new decorations in his living room. “O-oh, you guys remembered!”
Kazu turned to Zaru, blushing slightly and smiling. “Yeah… we decided to give you a proper celebration… it just didn’t quite feel right without any balloons, so we made our own!”
Zaru laughed, taking a second glance at the various inflated furs around the room. “Well, this is certainly nice, to say the least; I never expected you to do this for me.”
Kazu looked behind him at the last helium tank, turning away from Zaru as he went to grab it. “Well… we still have some more helium, and I think this party needs one more balloon…”
Zaru smiled, approaching Kazu and taking the tank from him before putting it into the dragon’s mouth. “I agree, so let’s fix that.”
Zaru turned the wheel on the tank, causing helium to flow into Kazu’s belly, steadily making it expand and round out. He turned it some more and picked up the pace of Kazu’s inflation, making his hide creak as it tried to adjust to his rapid inflation. His chest, sides, and back started growing too, and he rose up into the air as his body grew to the size of a wrecking ball. His arms and legs became inflated as well, the helium pushing into every part of Kazu’s body it possibly could as the dazed dragon continued to grow.
The tank kept pushing more helium into Kazu’s body, causing his limbs to turn into domes atop his spherical middle, while his hands and feet were pulled down into the newly formed hills. His neck also puffed up, pushing against the bottom of his snout and clamping it shut while his cheeks inflated to the size of cantaloupes. His skin creaked and groaned, straining against the growing amount of helium in his body as it pushed outwards in every direction.
After only a little more time, the tank ran out of helium, and Kazu was left as a balloon, floating with his back against the ceiling. Zaru took the hose out of Kazu’s mouth and made sure no helium was escaping before setting the tank aside and moving to a nearby couch. He finally noticed the cake on the coffee table in front of him, and his smile widened slightly. His friends had remembered his birthday, and the last-minute decorations they chose were absolutely perfect. Sitting back in his chair, he wished himself a happy birthday, along with many more to come just like this one…

Last Minute Surprise [H]


12 March 2019 at 12:56:30 MDT

With my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, I thought I would write a story to celebrate it! This is yet another long story, which ended up being exactly 2600 words! I highly enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

A group of furs is setting up a surprise party for Zaru, but they can't quite figure out why it just doesn't feel right... Kazu comes up with an idea, but how well does it work?

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