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This is the personal art gallery of Lórien Fëantur (formerly known as Bagheera). Here you will find many past works he has created - often collaboratively with friends and loved ones - over the years.

For The Leopard Sun and future project-related materials, please visit the project account: Lorien Lorien

Latest Journal

New Home, New Life, & Gallery Upload Resumption

Dear Friends,

About 3 weeks ago, Balaa Balaa and I finally moved from our 5-year home in southern California to our new place in Seattle, Washington. The majority of our belongings were in transit separately (via freight) and took over a week to arrive, and over the past two weeks we have been busy daily unpacking and organizing things around the house. I am happy to say that the process is finally complete at this point, and I am finally able to relax a bit and spend some time today in the familiarity of my office.

So far we are really enjoying the area - the woods and the ocean nearby are absolutely beautiful (aided by the fact that it has been sunny here - I'll see how I cope with the grey rainy winters...), and there are plenty of things to see and do. We are also surrounded by many friends and fellow artists here, which was something that was becoming somewhat lacking in California (many people we knew moved up to Washington over the past few years), so hooray, social life? xD

Now, regarding my gallery reorganization, I have resumed uploading artworks, though by request of a few people, I have decided to keep the number of uploads to below 10 pieces per day. Below is an outline of how the uploads will be done:

  • The OpenCanvas drawings I did with friends will be uploaded first; this way all the pictures will stay grouped together for convenience of browsing (it's doubtful I'll be creating more of these drawings, since nobody really OC's anymore).

  • My personal artworks will be uploaded after the OpenCanvas drawings. Once again, most commission artworks will not go back up; but a few commission pieces I actually feel attached to will be mixed in with this batch of uploads.

  • The last stage is reserved for artworks and other creative material related to The Leopard Sun. Some materials should start surfacing over the next few months; keep an eye out for announcements and news!

Thanks once again for everyone's patience and understanding, and thank you for continuing to follow and endorse my creative endeavors. :)

Lórien Fëantur

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    I LOVE your style, I wish you would do more traditional work.

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    Someone's obviously a fan of Golden Axe. LAWL!

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    Your art is extremely pleasing to my eyes. I really enjoy your line work and collaborations with your significant other.

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    Your icon is ultra amazing!

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    I really love your art. Great work. Thank you for sharing.

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    Rawr! I noticed you're uploading a bunch of stuff, and was wondering if you might be interested in my bulk file upload program?

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      Heya! Is this the one that requires Python to run? I had trouble getting that one to work, heh. How does tagging and description work for mass uploads? What about FA's flood protection?

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        No, this one's just for Weasyl and is it's own program.