My online name is Socks the Fox. You can call me Socks if you want, though; most people do. I like technical stuff, especially concerning optimization. I am working on self employment with charm and badge printing.

Interests not relating to COMPUTERS and FAUNA OF AN ANTHROPOMORPHOLOGICAL PERSUASION include webcomics (especially Gunnerkrigg Court and MS Paint Adventures), listening to music (such as the Homestuck soundtracks) and art (though I’m not exactly good at it. Like, really not good at it. You’re probably not going to see any of my actual attempts at art. Ever.).

I don't think I'll be spending too much time around here, but I'll check in every now and then.

If you favorite something or watch me and I don't reply, I'm still thankful for it, I just don't often respond. So don't feel bad!

You can also find me on Furaffinity and Twitter (and my 18+ Alt).

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Cosplay Belts

on 1 July 2015 at 14:44:43 MDT

If you're interested in a nice purple/gold belt for cosplay (or just a neat belt) I'm gearing up to start taking orders!

Here's the thread where you can post to get one:

I can't keep track of everything in all the different places so please post there!

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    Thanks so much for the favorite! Really appreciate it! Your gallery amuses me. x3

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    Thank you so much for the follow and favorites! Still getting used to the site, so it's much appreciated! :D