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  • Please avoid sending "thank you" comments on my profile page.

    Take my watching and fav-ing as sincere.

  • Please avoid sending random friend requests.

    You must know me in person from other art sites and communities in order for me to acknowledge the request.>

  • I appreciate all intelligent and humorous insights and replies to my comments and works here.

  • Have fun!

Some of you fellow visitors might have seen me before at deviantART under "Poila-Invictiwerks".

This is where I will update more often, as I will be more active in Weasyl than in DA/possibly FA.

I also have a Tumblr blog; if you wish to see more of my online activity, please visit my Tumblr blog,.

Latest Journal

Stepping down from Moderation duties

Hi all,

This is to inform anyone who has come across my profile, that I am stepping down from active moderation duties.

In case of anyone needing assistance on site issues, please kindly send a note to other staff members, or email to instead. I won't be able to process requests coming the end of this month September, 2019.

I am moving on to take up learning and diving into computer and video game development as a career.

I will still attempt to draw and upload here if possible, but I am also active on other sites.

I may be slightly active on DeviantArt and FurAffinity. But I tend to use Instagram and Twitter more often (Both are in private mode to thwart off some unsavoury bots). Please message me in case of you wanting to interact with me there on those places, so that I would know who you are. (I am keeping my Tumblr account online but it will be permanently inactive due to the way Tumblr's policies and ownership have been handled. I will write a status update there soon to let visitors know about my devision.)

It's been a learning experience. I am glad to talk to people on the team, and a pleasure doing things with you folks here - even though I am really busy IRL with work as a web developer / graphic artist and soon-to-be web game developer. I wish that I could spend more quality time sharing my experiences and chit-chat things under the sun. But my health has taken quite a beating over the past years or so, so I am taking some time and active effort to reverse some of that damage due to work and lack of upkeeping.

See you around!


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    Thank you for the watch!
    A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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    ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for keeping this site so safe and nice!!! I feel extremely comfortable here and made my home here a while ago but it is very reliable to know we are being kept safe!!

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      Your welcome Tokoyami!

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    heeeey! same to you, dude!

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    Arigato for followin'!

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      I was browsing WikiFur for some published anthro art books and publications and the art styles used in those books.
      I then happen to be browsing Weasyla dn came across your profile which beared some semblance to those stuff I mentioned earlier.
      That got me curious.

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    thanks for watching :)