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(We may use plural first-person pronouns due to being a collection of dissociated identities)

Bio: I am a Californian furry artist producing 2D and 3D art. In the real world, I work in the field of Machine Intelligence as a software and research engineer. I have made fursuits, 2D art, 3D art (for games), programmed business software and for a game, and worked in small business IT.

My current involvement in the furry fandom is pretty much the production of art and fursuits, though I am currently not taking any commissions or requests. I am also an IRC-OP on Furtopia's IRC (Avan or Kaira on, and a developer & community administrator for Kronosaur Productions (Wolfy on - while Kronosaur Productions is an indie game company, a large percentage of the userbase, especially on IRC, is furry, thus I list it here.


FA Account: avanwolf (Note that the FA account is a secondary account - some items will be posted here that are not present on our FA account.)

Latest Journal

Welcome to my Weasyl account!

Please be advised that hard hats are required upon entering this construction zone.

So, I'm currently in the process of (Slowly!) migrating over work from my FA account, as I intend to make this my new primary.

Hopefully this process will be sufficiently completed by the end of the week, and I may then resume submitting art.

Weasyl supports a number of submission formatting & organizational features which FA simply does not provide. As I post new submissions, while the majority will be cross-posted on both sites, a significant number will remain exclusive to weasyl due to the technical limitations posed by FA. (This includes but is not limited to certain sets of grouped images, character & species information, and large images)

Thanks for stopping by!

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    Heya, found ya here via your Valsaark mod for skyrim! Good work on that, and if you don't mind me asking, are you still working on the Shark mod too?

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    Howdy from Goleta!

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    Hi, I am a big fan of your work on the Vaalsark as well!. I just found out through your comment recently about both of your galleries, so I thought'd I watch both. Have a nice day, and good luck with your future works ^^

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      Hi! Thanks - glad you enjoy the mod!

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    I saw you're links to your account over on the Nexus and just had to follow you. Your Vaalsark mod is simply amazing, hands down the best race mod there is for Skyrim. And I also have to say, You're 'sona is epically cute. :3

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      Haha, thanks! ^.^ - Yeah, I actually just added those links last night. Should probably stick them into my account/signature/discussion thread, since I do plan on putting up lore, concepts, and such here too.

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        Your welcome. :3 I'm actually slowly working on a dwemer themed dungeon mod and was wondering if it would be alright if I incorporated the Vaalsark into it. It probably wouldn't be for a while since the mod is still very early in construction and I'm still teaching myself how to use the CK and my vision for the mod is quite vast.

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          Sure - I'm aiming to begin uploading some of the Vaalsark art w/ a couple paragraphs each about the race, similar in style to how I have done with the Ilesska. I can help with integrating them/fitting them in - I'd be glad to feature the mod on my mod's main page. Furthermore, I will eventually be putting up a species profile in my character section in a format rory suggested to me (once all the necessary art has been completed).