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Sleeping by avan_kaira



A sleeping ilesska

About the Piece: This was actually from one of the first Ilesska sketches I made, before even Hopelessness was submitted. Here I had scanned it, then done a couple layers of tracing and applied color. Again, as with Happy, I was experimenting with my style.

About the Ilesska: The Ilesska are a vaguely raptor/shiba species from a dream of mine. I later built a world around their appearance in that dream.

See for an introduction to the ilesska!

Ilesska generally sleep curled up, with a simple 'nest' like bed made from blankets. They don't usually use anything more than that for sleeping. Generally in the slave camps or slums present in the outer Sol worlds, the Ilesska will use whatever soft and warm material they can find and keep together as nesting material. This has included a whole range of material from insulation scavenged off of abandoned structures and ships to sections of fabric or packaging material. Normally these nests would be made on the floor, but in slave compounds or the compact crew quarters on Rebellion ships, a bunk-like platform is constructed to nest upon. The bunk usually provides a small lip at the edge to help safeguard against falling.

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Disclaimer: Not all my art will have a corresponding entry on FA due to technical limitations in how I wish to present the works.

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