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Pensive by avan_kaira



A lot to think about..

About the Piece: Well, I'm able to draw again now that I'm feeling less sick (and blinking nolonger hurts). Did more experimentation here with style and coloring and such. Yesterday and this morning didn't go to well, to put it lightly, and I've been left thinking about a lot, sort of setting the grounds for this work.

About the Ilesska: The Ilesska are a vaguely raptor/shiba species from a dream of mine. I later built a world around their appearance in that dream.

See the submissions in for an introduction to the ilesska!

Ilesska have remarkably large brains despite their large eyes. Part of this is achieved with an abnormally large cranial cavity that pushes further down, leaving them a couple vertebrae short, though this is generally not noticeably a hinderance. On their heads, their manes disguise a bone ridge to which the jaw and ear base muscles are anchored, though due to the smaller space available for muscles, their bite strength is not all that formidable.

Little of the Ilesskan brain is devoted to neural circuits governing instincts. On the other hand, the Ilesska posses an abnormally enormous prefrontal cortex (which turns out to be fairly well protected by the bone of their eyes), largely due to a need for a larger working memory (such that they could be more efficient workers, especially in design tasks) and their acute senses. This makes them very powerful cognitively, though its at the expense of other brain functions - their initial motor development after birth is slower than normal.

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Disclaimer: Not all my art will have a corresponding entry on FA due to technical limitations in how I wish to present the works.

For all intents and purposes, Weasyl is my primary art site now. If you can, it is preferable to leave your watches/favorites/etc. here, as you will miss out on non-FA posts (which will generally be larger and oriented towards providing information on characters & species).

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