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Welcome to my Weasyl account! by avan_kaira

Please be advised that hard hats are required upon entering this construction zone.

So, I'm currently in the process of (Slowly!) migrating over work from my FA account, as I intend to make this my new primary.

Hopefully this process will be sufficiently completed by the end of the week, and I may then resume submitting art.

Weasyl supports a number of submission formatting & organizational features which FA simply does not provide. As I post new submissions, while the majority will be cross-posted on both sites, a significant number will remain exclusive to weasyl due to the technical limitations posed by FA. (This includes but is not limited to certain sets of grouped images, character & species information, and large images)

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to my Weasyl account!


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    puts on a hard hat

    Thank you for joining up with us and giving Weasyl a shot. :) Looking forward to seeing your work around here!

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      Thanks! I saw you around the forums while I was posting earlier today, and I have to admit the place has got a rather welcoming vibe so far in my experience.

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        Yep, I am all over the site hahah, you'll come to see that pretty quickly! I'm not much on the technical side of things, moreso on improving the user experience, but I'm also just a regular user who likes to welcome people and just be social. Our community is pretty tight-knit right now, but it's not so old that it's hard to start getting involved. It's just the right time, really.