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Hai! I am Rae'Thalis, also known on some forums and communities as 'Akaiksoh' or 'Rezca'.

I've got a soft spot for clean, playful and/or humorous vore (The act of eating or being eaten. Think -'carni-vore' = Meat + Eater), that isn't dirty in nature, violent, or fatal.

Vore will be my focus on this account, but I will also upload other stuff that I'm proud of - like my Articuno Gryphon ^^

I'll be uploading non-vore to a specific folder, but if Vore doesn't interest you then here's where you can find my perfectly normal accounts:


Xbox Live

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So.... Back?

on 17 October 2019 at 22:09:49 MDT

Sooooo uh yeah. I need to update my gallery it seems (And hey, a few submissions I thought lost forever! :D Shame there's still some others MIA haha...)

Also waaaaa you still can't assign submissions into multiple folders?? D:
Geeze that's gonna make categorizing things tough! xD

Anyway I'm just going to pick some of my arts to upload and not all of it; too much to sort through~

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Joined 18 February 2013

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    hey bud! guess what! whah-bam! we can ride nargacuga, lagiacrus, and zinogre in it! :D whoo!

    since you showed me it back in initial trailors, thought i'd toss ya this cool info i found ^^

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      Yeah, already have it pre-ordered off of PlayAsia. :>

      There's also Barioth, Deviljho, and Gypceros ^^ I want G.Jaggi though ;v;

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        there's a lot they haven't announced/shown too. :)

        i'm stoked to see what else is in store. i plan to import it if no news of NA releases after a year though. :)

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    Hello, I'm just letting you know someone stole your art work and posted it here on Deviantart:
    They recently stole something of mine and I'm going around alerting other artists of their stolen art..

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    You know, Weasyl is not that bad. Its a cleaner and more intuitive version of FA (design wise). Though, you are right: its pretty slow here.
    Ah well, I do like it.

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    What happened to your DeviantART userpage?

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    Thanks for the fav! The support is appreciated

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    yo remember that second commission idea we had with me and your wyvern? ive got a bit of spare cash about a fivers worth to put towards it if ya wanted to carry on with that :33 is up to you ^.^