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~Welcome to my page~

I am known as Sajik or Cinderkiss. “Cin” for short. I am a freelance furry illustrator working in the fandom to bring epic and sexy artwork to as many people as I can. In my gallery you can find all sorts of fun stuff ranging from sword and magic wielding furries to battlesuit wearing scalies. My content also ranges from general art to adult oriented material. I enjoy dipping my claws into a little bit of everything so take a peek through my stuff and don’t forget to say hello!

Interested in Commissioning me?

I am always accepting commissions so do not be afraid to contact me here via note, on my telegram or through my Discord server. I enjoy tackling a wide range of themes, settings and kinks so if you have any questions about content look through my gallery and see what I have drawn in the past or inquire from me directly.

Interested in supporting me or my work?

There are many ways you can support me outside of commissions. I host a Patreon where you can get sneak peeks of artwork, both personal and commissioned, before anyone else! There is also a Patron only Discord where my backers can chat with me and comment on my work. They are also the first to hear about new creatures, locations and lore from my world of Edyn! If patreon is not your speed I also have a Ko-Fi for anyone who wants to send a little help, every dollar makes a difference!

What is Edyn?

Edyn is a project I have been working on for a few years. It is a world when humanity and the Anika struggle to survive in a tumultuous realm filled with unstable magics and strange technology. A world where demonic corruption and entropic entities contest for the life and spirit of living creatures caught between them. If this sounds like an interesting place and you want to learn more, my Patreon is the best way to dip your paws, fingers or claws in to find out more~

Thank you for reading and enjoy my gallery!



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    Very nice. Love the shade effect.

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      Thank you very much!~