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for fetish art followers

on 3 February 2018 at 06:53:02 MST

i made this account years ago back when i used to post fetish art; my art goes in a different direction now and i no longer post fetish art publicly, nor wish for any of my works to be fetishised anymore. just simply stating for those that followed for this content years ago, to avoid disappointment

another note is that yeah, my fursona is overweight, but i would like to stress this isnt an invite to fetishise her in any way shape or form. people should be able to post overweight fursonas in public, as a character trait for their oc, just normal pictures of her when she so happens to be overweight as well, without having to expect these kinds of comments. imagine the scenario like you see an overweight person on the street in public, you wouldnt approach them to discuss this in a kink related matter, thats the best way i can explain my feelings i guess ;_;
my kinks are now private and are not something to be shared with people i don't know. i aint gunna judge if this is the way you roll obviously, but it's not for me i'm afraid.

my kinks are what they are but that doesnt warrant an invite from strangers to try and interact with me in this way, i only share this with very close friends or future significant others. i want to be able to post pictures of my overweight fursona who reflects my body type in self, without it being an open window for unwarranted fetish comments or people just viewing her as a fetish character. she's just a reflection of myself, and fetish related content is not public anymore. cheers for reading and understanding

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    Nerd! <3

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    Many thanks for the comment and the watch!
    :3 squee
    I'm trying to get my own style but it's very difficult.

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      its alright man! :D i think your style is pretty awesome already! :} but understandably every artist is their own worst critic and im on a similar hunt for my own solid style as well atm ;^; if either of us figure it out we could share tips i spose :'}

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        Sure! Drawing is sharing. :3

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    Your character is sooo cute! <3