I am an artist(painter) who loves science and I am in college studying still. I can draw, and use colored pencils, markers and I will be delving farther into digital painting once I get my tablet. My main medium though, is paint, both acrylic and oils. My peices range from 4x5" to 21x30" at the moment. I will be going larger in the future. I have a few characters and will be posting artwork. My sister is Emberz and shes really snuggly and lovable, so check out her page. Czixin's my water(ocean)/night-time(moon) goddess. My character Xixin(Czixin)'s look was created by the lovely Qarrezel and Kifu . It's lovely to meet you all!

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20 $ color bust commissions

on 21 April 2014 at 20:56:36 MDT

Hi everyone I've been in a really bad pinch for money. Things have been tough. I am opening up for commissions. I'll be open for these $20.00 color bust commissions. It'll be done traditionally on good paper about 4x6 in, and colored with Copic markers and prismacolor colored pencils. Please note me with a reference for your character and a description of your character and let me know if you would like a particular facial expression. Also if your want it to be more of a badge, I can include your character's name. I will be laminating these and mailing them to your residence. Payments will be processed through PayPal. All commissioners must be at least 18 years of age. I'd be really grateful for any commission at this point. Also I'm open for my oil painting commissions if anyone would like. Thanks!

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