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Howdy! I'm a coyote with a penchant for making music (there's a reason we're called "song dogs," after all!). I like to share my own original music, as well as covers and "karaoke" performances of other works, and I encourage you to check out my original albums right here on Bandcamp. I also enjoy voice acting! If you like my music, please feel free to show your support by making a purchase on Bandcamp (won't you please help fund this poor coyote's flute addiction? ♪♫).

You can also find a bit of my photography here, as well as works which I have commissioned or received as gifts from other artists.


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Still Alive

on 8 January 2021 at 22:51:01 MST

Not that it's particularly relevant to anything, or anyone, but I'm still alive. I'm still here in Arizona. I was laid off from my aquarium job (the one I moved here for) way back in March, and I've been working as a bike mechanic since then. I envy people who have, like, an actual career instead of just a decade-and-a-half-long string of random low-paying, entry-level, generally unfulfilling jobs.

I haven't done any music in a long time and I'm on the verge of losing all interest in voice acting. There's just no motivation. It's not like I was ever really prolific with recording, nor have I had much success with it overall, but it at least used to be fun. Not so much anymore. I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this now, since I don't imagine it'll reach many people, nor affect anyone in any way. I think I'm just tired of seeing that last entry.

Anyway, back to doing nothing of value...

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    Great musics
    I think you should put your albums on Bandcamp, it's free.

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    Thanks for posting the plate, I added it to my collections.
    Keep in touch, I'm always looking for an excuse to shoot.
    And thanks for the CD, nice meeting you at AC.

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    Hello there Lanovran! Nice to see you're back to Weasyl

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      I appreciate the kind welcome. :)

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    Glad I stumbled on your page, I absolutely love your music

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      Thank ye kindly. ♪♫