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Howdy! I'm a coyote with a penchant for making music (there's a reason we're called "song dogs," after all!). I like to share my own original music, as well as covers and "karaoke" performances of other works, and I encourage you to check out my original albums right here on Bandcamp, or here on CDBaby. I also enjoy voice acting! If you like my music, please feel free to show your support by making a purchase on one of those sites, or on iTunes, Amazon Music, Rhapsody, or several others (won't you please help fund this poor coyote's flute addiction? ♪♫).

You can also find a bit of my photography here, as well as works which I have commissioned or received as gifts from other artists.


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Open casting call for "Zootopia: Savage Company" animation!

on 7 June 2018 at 08:10:21 MDT

Hey, all you Zootopia-lovin' furry peeps! I am involved in a project that is working to breathe animated life into a popular webcomic called Zootopia: Savage Company, which is written and drawn by a talented young bunny named Yitexity. The comic is in the process of being animated by Yitexity and Rick Gaspar (a.k.a. foxxj on FA), the latter of whom is also involved with the animation of another Zootopia-based comic called Sunderance. The Savage Company project is currently in its initial stages, with a trailer well underway, along with several scenes from the first episode.

In order to make this project as good as it can be, it will be fully voice-acted! We've been searching for the best voices for the characters, and we're still looking for several more! This is where you come in! If you are an aspiring voice actor and would like to become a part of this awesome project, we'd love to hear your auditions! As of this writing, there are currently four open roles: one male and three female, one of whom speaks with a British accent. If you would like to take a crack at it, you can find the character bios, audition lines, and the place to submit recordings at the project's page on Casting Call Club (you would need to join the site and create a profile, which is completely free and very easy).

Even if you're not a voice actor, meanwhile, but would still like to contribute to this project's success, then please feel free to become a patron via Patreon, and you can potentially get access to not only the project's exclusive Discord server, but also behind-the-scenes stuff, preliminary artwork, WIPs, and other perks! Thanks a bunch!

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    Great musics
    I think you should put your albums on Bandcamp, it's free.

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    Thanks for posting the plate, I added it to my collections.
    Keep in touch, I'm always looking for an excuse to shoot.
    And thanks for the CD, nice meeting you at AC.

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    Hello there Lanovran! Nice to see you're back to Weasyl

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      I appreciate the kind welcome. :)

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    Glad I stumbled on your page, I absolutely love your music

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      Thank ye kindly. ♪♫