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I go by Wishn and I go by Locket, full is Wishn Locket. My enjoyment is in drawing, sewing, knitting, my violin and being out and about. I enjoy getting critique as much as giving it so I welcome any and all helpful words.

My biggest issue is how slow I am at making a finished piece, be it a drawing or a thing I sew or knit. It is something I am working hard to improve as I do want to become efficient with my time.
My newest of things has not bee uploaded anyplace sorry about that. I do not enjoy uploading parts to a full (like bodysuits by self) so if more examples are wanted to be seen ask I can post them.

I can give quote for fursuit things!
I can go make you fursuit things!
I must finish drawing requests.
I must finish drawing trades.
I must finish hat requests.
I must finish hat trades.
Hold on hats/drawings.

Have a nice day! ^-^

P.S. I do not understand how private messages work here. Thank you.
P.P.S. I have e-mail, ask if needed. c=

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Price advice?

on 27 October 2015 at 17:10:29 MDT

Hello good day, I have a question I am requesting advice and opinion on and I understand there is no right answer. With my items I have for sale I have gotten no luck, some that I welcome haggling offers are very low (under cost of materials). It leaves me thinking, are my prices too high?
This is the one the topic is on:
I had ask people what would be fair to price them and that is where they are (a couple were much too high so I made the choice to halfen what suggested price) but no offers yet.
What could be deterring? Are the styles just not desirable? Maybe is the colors? For pre-made pieces is it asking too much? What could I do to better chance of sale?

Much advice is welcome. Thank you.

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Fullsuit: Plantigrade/Digitigrade
from $ 507.00
to $ 660.00
Hands- 0-5 fingers
from $ 25.00
to $ 60.00
$ 230.00
Standard Partial
from $ 300.00
to $ 400.00
Tails- 20" Give or take
from $ 30.00
to $ 40.00

These are not base prices, is average prices for these. As I mean which most commonly quoted price(s).

Does not mean it is limited to the price shown, prices have been more and have been less. Varies strongly on design and features wanted on fursuit.
Can ship US, UK an beyond. Can convert price as example for you better understanding if need (pay is made in US though). :)


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