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Price advice?

Hello good day, I have a question I am requesting advice and opinion on and I understand there is no right answer. With my items I have for sale I have gotten no luck, some that I welcome haggling offers are very low (under cost of materials). It leaves me thinking, are my prices too high? This is…

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Things for sale

Having to clear out space making sale of some things. Currently as camera misplaced just what have pictures already on hand. Of the things on sale can offer to make parts to match if fabric is on hand at a discount (I want to clear out such with me). Also selling fur is there is any interest in tha…

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Bleu, Rockell, Deathridge...Hi + Question

Oh, hi cousins! Surprise family visit. Had expect my Aunts two to visit for the month but oh they bring my cousins three as well. They are neat family so will be great to see them after such a time having not. :) An they enjoy to hear of my craft work so will be fun to show them what i am do now ye…

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Birthday has come an go

Was about 2 week ago haha. Very nice day it was an I got a laptop as a present! So now I can submit things again! Wheee! Had not said some time in September home computer went out and with nowhere to long in I was bummed. Tho that was good it gave much needed time to work on things, experiment with…

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Can not log in DA still: So annoy

I have an account on DeviantArt, is MagicLocket, and is where I was originally and I shared the account with 3 other people. Sadly one had to be let go because of the things they were doing were not good but before they left they changed the password. @.@ It has been months since my friend or I cou…

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Practicing Now

Minding how much time it is taking me as I work on a single project. It is important I be aware how slow I tend to be.

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I Made Many Mistakes

Will check to re-word better when I get another break in classtime Yup. It will be no secret or should be no secret that I am not an efficient fursuit maker. Even when factors are put aside why certain things took longer than should I would still be insufficient. Communication is key and only occas…

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A Word on Trades

Hello! (^-^)y Once I finish up my duties on my current projects I will begin looking about on the possibilities of doing trades if given the opportunity. I wish to continue to improve so this is one way I see I could to do it and receive constructive feedback. I could just as well just take on requ…

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Hello, Setting Up.

Hello. I am Wishn, also known as MagicLocket. I will be submitting what I have in my folders here as well to newly finished things. For things like my queue I think having one place for that list is easier for me to maintain as I have made the mistake trying multiple places before and thus forgetti…