Sometimes I draw. Sometimes for money.

But I do not and will not draw porn. Ever. Don't even ask. I am not comfortable with most non-explicit fetish material, either. Please just don't. And please don't tag my art with fetish terms, thanks.

Please DO NOT repost my art anywhere without my permission, ESPECIALLY not to Tumblr.

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Trying to filter content is ugh

on 10 November 2019 at 23:38:25 MST

"I'll come back to Weasyl and have a browse, surely the additional filters and ratings will make it less awful than trying to browse on FA with SFW on," I said with Bambi-like innocence. Oh, me, you are Boo Boo the Fool.

I have "hyper" blocked. People don't use that, though, they tag shit individually like "hypermuscle".
Speaking of, I'm loathe to just block "muscle" because I don't want to filter out perfectly normal buff characters (including ones I've drawn!)

tbh at this point I might just filter out all Mature content cuz even the "non-sexual" version is filled with blatant sexual stuff, sigh

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    Thanks for the follow!

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    Thank you so much for the follow! :D

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      No prob! Love your stuff! Such great characters and style!

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    Yoo why are you following me you are far too good for that. Also thanks for instilling Zelda RP bloodlust in me that can never be sated

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      I'm not good tho', I'm trash, I'm the President of it. Yer art is really good ok don't fite me, i will shoot a fite at you and you will lose the fite

      o man don't tempt me with rp bloodlust, you have no idea how sad I am that all my old rp buddies are too busy with life to have dumb adventures with me anymore, it is the WORST

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        U don't know me, I will catch your fite right out of the air and throw it in your eyes

        IDK is it just me or did people just stop rping at some point like why, I know you're adults with jobs and shit but you're supposed to play games and mash characters together that's an important part of life

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          u SCOUNDREL

          yas it is v important, I live and breathe it, but ALAS

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            Have u ever had that thing where u thought you were gonna find an rp buddy and then it turned out they were scum, like only ever Avengers slashfics

            Maybe I should stop spitting all over your shoutpage also