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Zefira the Alicorn by Among Sculptures

Zefira the Alicorn

Among Sculptures

12 November 2021 at 10:25:58 MST

And here she is, Zefira the alicorn (who looks like a bad Spirit knockoff with wings), completely finished! For over a thousand years now she was waiting (with a tiny lightbulb sticking out of her forehead) for her resin horn, which i couldn't work on cause i needed to buy some more resin but that epoque is over now cause she finally has got her horn and on top that, the little river is filled with resin as well, to look more lifelike! Unfortunately, you can see where the light switch and the batteries are located. This one is one of my earlier sculptures with build in lights, where i didn't hide away those at the base but rather had them hanging down from their cables (which is just annoying to look at and especially to carry around next to the sculpture!) Also, that moss and faux hair almost killed me while working with it, since it was my very first real horse try, with weird dead moss and the second one with faux hair but it is always so much fun making sculptures with build in lights! That tiny lightbulb is strong enough to illuminate most of her body, wings and base, so she can be used as a little night light! (which my younger sister just doesn't do, cause why the heck but brushing that tail is no prob at all)

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