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A phantom semi-alternate identity to
My pictures are much more conspicuously vacuous, holding nothing and hiding nothing. I appear content to draw the same thing repeatedly. also, if you are into that sort of thing.

I prefer vague pronouns or none at all.

Additionally, please do not draw "gift" art of characters in this gallery any more elaborate than quick sketches (and never in the pose on the upper right. I am strange about them and would rather not have great amounts of effort put into something that I could have any unguessable issue with. Anyone can draw anything they want of course, but if the goal is to have -me- like it, that will be a strange process, and I am probably not worth it.

Alternately, I am more attached to and less particular with grebij's characters. Characters I do not put in either gallery are probably best stayed away from completely.

Latest Journal

If I use a weasyl account it will be grebij

It does not actually improve my life in any way to use the ever growing number of websites that people strew themselves about --if anything, I feel more distant from and less liked by people than ever-- but it sure fragments my mind, so that keeping up with two accounts on this website when I do not even keep up with one is not feasible. At this point anyone who was going to be bothered by my "secret" art, at least on ostensibly "furry-focused sites already has done so, anyhow, right?
comic strip
other twittor
comic twittor

Nope that I do still have two a-counts a-piece on twitly deviantug and instagorby and I wish to assure you that is not doing me any favors.

Thank you and good luck.

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    Thank you for the follow! I love your art! The colors and personality are fantastic!

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      Thank you for saying so! I like the way you do things, also.

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    You're amazing <3

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      I would not go that far, but thank you for the approval! I do not always have confidence in it.

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    Thanks for faving Spirit.

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    Decided to follow you at both your galleries, since your stuff kicks that much ass.

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    Thanks for the follow! I love your rendering.

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    Browsing this gallery just got me through a long and tedious post-production session, so thanks are in order. Variations on a theme, but what colourful and fun variations!