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Fursuit Sale List by Wishn

Fursuit Sale List


1 October 2015 at 13:28:13 MDT

List here will be everything I have that is of sale. When find camera will upload more an update this picture, as they are sell I will remove as well.

[[KEY: OBO = Or Best Offer]]

(From left to right)
1. Frank ($210):
2. Canine YCH? Is a ready base I will finish to design ($300 OBO):
3. Purple/Aqua canine ($300OBO):
4. Black w/neon green tail ($35):
5. Blue/Yellow Handpaws: No longer sale
6. Mini Banana tails ($15/tail OBO):
7. Pink/Purple tail ($70 OBO):

Note if interest. Visit page often for updates/changes in items or prices. Open to offers.

-Not Listed Yet-
Black canine head:
White tail
Long Blue/white/grey tail
Blue/White Husky tail
Black handpaws
Angry fox head
Dragon head
Red Panda full

Listed is made my either Wishn or Friend Renge unless said otherwise.
Accompanying links give further detail yes.