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Fullsuit for sale by Wishn

Fullsuit for sale


30 June 2015 at 21:53:36 MDT

Made by: Wishn

What is for sale?

Was for a commissioner but they have lost interest in their character an design an so wish to exchange. So I have been given the with they permission to remove minor details (already gone as of pictures here) an sell the suit to be completed as a full for whomever would like to have him/her.

Was meant to be a Red Panda but if see design for otherwise can do so. Bodysuit can be taken in.


o Can be male or female
o Has 4 finger handpaws, black pawpads
o Alternative stompy feet (black with white toes).
o If kept at red panda have two sizes for the tail to choose from and color combo to match body (Red, black, white)
o Head can be to your design or left to me.

Original head an tail commisisoner ask I keep aside from sell as they have interest in at least head an tail. So new head, regular feet and tail for whomever has interest.

You do not have to get the stompy feet if you do not want them. Same goes for if you only want stompy an not regular feet
Any questions please ask, thank you.

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