Hello there! You can call me Shetani, and I'm a king cheetah!

I've been an "official" member of the furry fandom since 2012, and fursuiting since 2014! I attend at least one furry convention every year, and try to go to as many other cons as time and budget allows. You may have seen me in the past at Anthrocon, FA: United, Anthro New England, or various non-furry cons on the East Coast.

I have little to no artistic ability, so anything you see here will almost always be commissioned work drawn by others. Buying art from artists in the fandom is one way I like to give back to the furry community.

I do have a lovely fursuit made by MagpieBones! Yes, it probably looks rather different from what you're used to. If you have about 15 minutes to spare, I'll tell you all about it.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for fursuit photos every week! I have a YouTube channel too!

Please feel free to message me or leave a comment, I'd love to make more friends here! You can also follow me on any of the other sites conveniently listed below.

Hope you enjoy your stay! 🐾

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on 15 September 2019 at 00:13:19 MDT

I apologize for neglecting this site, specifically. I'm sure you're all aware that, when it comes to furry websites, Weasyl has a pretty low interaction level. Believe me, I hate that the furry fandom has moved on from the art gallery websites in favor of social media platforms. I really miss when you could scroll down to the description of a picture or artwork and learn what feelings it was meant to evoke, or get a glimpse into the process behind the piece from the perspective of the uploader themself. Now art gets yeeted out into the cacophony of social media screaming with barely a link back to the artist and is immediately buried under hourly updates from people whose dinner plans you couldn't care less about and whom you only followed because you used to like seeing their character around and they literally do not update any other website.
Ahem. When you only have so much time in the day, it's hard to prioritize a platform where uploads max out at 10 or so views over others where a steady stream of folks are interacting with my posts and conversing with me all day long. However, I know there are those whose only contact with me is Weasyl, and it's not fair to them to leave them in the dark. (Though, it would behoove you to branch out a bit! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!)

Since my last journal of substance, I've attended ANE (which I still need to write a recap for), Anthrocon (which I need to do a write-up AND a con video for), and fursuited at my local Pride parade (which I want to do a little write-up on too - it was quite a thought-provoking experience). I have a backlog of art to post as well, which will be up for your viewing pleasure in the coming days. I do want to share some previously unposted fursuit photos, both professional and casual, but I'll be interspersing those with art uploads as my gallery is looking decidedly picture-heavy at the moment.

I recently tried dyeing my hair for the first time ever, at the gentle urging of friends, and I love the results! It's so cool how the color changes over time - it's visibly different from one day to the next, even! Currently I have a sort of cool spectrum galaxy-fade going on, which you'll get to see for yourself with a little patience. I was nervous at first about going to Anthrocon with my hair dyed, since it would be completely impossible to hide the change while fursuiting, but I soon realized that my fursona changes along with myself in every other aspect, and this would only further that dynamism. Plus, it accentuates the unique use-your-own-hair aspect of my fursuit! My hair was a roaring success at Anthrocon and I continue to get compliments on it even now. Based on this positive feedback, I've decided to add dyed hair as an alternate hair color option for my fursona to sport in artwork. I commissioned some art of Shetani with her new galaxy hair to mark the occasion, which I'm currently using as my icon, and which you can check out in its full splendor in my gallery.

Progress on my Cheetah Chat videos has slowed to nearly a standstill. I hold myself to a high metric of quality, for better or worse, and I find it difficult to motivate myself to work on video projects, despite having quite a few topics I'd like to tackle. I can't force myself to work if I'm not feeling it - that results in a lackluster end product and breeds resentment in me for what's supposed to be a fun pastime. I won't lie, a bit of monetary donation would go quite a ways in showing me that my efforts do (rather literally) pay off, though I'm fully aware that funds are tight for many of us and there are a myriad of other places folks would rather see their dollar go. If you are feeling generous, you can always toss me a tip over on Ko-Fi or Patreon, and hey, you'll get some goodies in appreciation!

Health-wise, I'm not doing particularly well. I haven't spoken much about this personal matter before, and I don't intend to begin now. However, it bears mentioning because it directly impacts my ability to create content and post online, and this is a good chunk of the reason why my updates have been sparse. There's probably going to come a time when furry fandom interactions must take a backseat to wrestling with my conditions and (hopefully) recovering. For now the horizon is clear, but it may come sooner rather than later.

These days, I can be most easily reached on Twitter, Instagram, Weasyl, or Telegram. Feel free to talk to me on here as well, of course, but do so with the awareness that my responses may be delayed. Keep your eyes bright and ears perked, and enjoy the upcoming stuff!

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