hi! i'm goaty! i'm a goat and sometimes a cat and sometimes other stuff, too!

i'm love this panda!
that one, right there!!

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weasyl thoughts

on 9 December 2018 at 01:33:15 MST

i think a big change weasyl could make that would make more folks want to use it is to improve folders. you can only put an upload in one folder on here, while other sites (especially FA, the primary competition) allow a single upload to be in multiple folders. i just don't even bother with folders on here because they don't suit how i organize things!

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    You posted a meme on something i drew and posted a year ago. Lo and behold your style is super cute!

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      Sounds like that was a good decision on my part! Glad you like my stuff, haha.

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    Thank you for the follow! Love your art!

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      You're welcome, and thanks! :>

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    thank you for the follow!

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    ah, thank you for the watch

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