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News and Updates!- Ive neglected this gallery a bit...

on 4 November 2015 at 13:24:13 MST

Hey all- First all thankyou everyone who watched my stuff and keeps up with my art and things- I appreciate it!

So Ive been really nose to the grindstone for the last year. Theres been a lot of changes and much needed improvements to my schedule and workflow and I really just have not had much to say. By nature Im not chatty to begin with so pair that with no real discussable news and, well, you get it.

But hey! yes, I am still here, I have not become a zombie, I am still working on lots of different projects and ever persueing that next-new-development.
I have this month and next month and then im done for the year, January will be when I have my next opening period so you'll wanna have your orders ready for around then and that will for February through April completions. There will be a total of 4 openings in 2016 and the usual smattering of pre-mades when the spirit moves me.

My biggest biggest focus this past year has been the larp masks. I really believe in the design and the applications and Im just super interested in further developing them. They wear well not just at LARP, but are really super for parties and dances and cons where you want more than a badge and ears, but less than a fursuit. I think theres just something sorta engrossing about looking through the eyes of your character but not being covered/impeded up by an entire full head and stuff- the social aspect of that is reeeally fascinating!

And lastly-I've been larping a lot, mostly the local medeival high fantasy game called Alliance but also my local Original world of darkness Sabbat Vampire game, and I will be helping in light capacity with the opening Dystopia Rising chapter, wich has it's first game this month<-- that one's post apocalyptic setting with sorta zombie stuff. On top of that, Ive gotten wind of something really exciting called 'Magischola , wich is will be an American production of that really fantastic Harry Potter inspired Polish LARP- they're coming this summer somewhere to the Mid-Atlantic for a hopeful 2 event run.

Alliance Denver:
Front Range Sabbat:
Dystopia Rising Colorado:

"Is this character doable?"
Uhh, lets see... AH, so I get about once a week, people wanting quotes between openings or wanting to discuss their character design. I am truely flattered by the attention but I really reeeeeallly do not have time to do that kind of consultation outside of my openings. THere are just so many variables when making a suit and coming at me with "What do youthink of this?" is really what those openings are for. IT can take days of discussion to iron out the whats-what of a project and I have a nasty little internet addiction that that is bad for so bear with me, stick with the opening periods, and we'll go from there : )

Yus, you heard me, I am willing to take on maned lions again next year. I have had my nice little break and am ready to tackle those again with improved technique. The manes can be done with parts in NFT or they can be done entirely in long pile fur- they both have their charm and pros and cons but one is significantly more expensive... NFT being what it is.

My NO list is as follows:
Domestic dog breeds, Equines, Pandas, Monkeys/primates, Super big horns (like, over 14 inches)
I have various reasons for all of these, either they don't translate well in the style I work in, or I hate making them, or I have trouble making them. If it isn't on that list, then the answer isnt a flat 'No'.

STuff I have for sale right now
Griffin LARP Masks:

Info on Commissioning me!
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Mask Modding Guide:

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    Your work resulted in a great icon for me. Thanks again!

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    Super happy I can follow you here as well =D
    As a proud owner of the best handpaws in the world (Magpiebones 2010 vintage) I still love looking at all your cool new creations <3

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    I've always really loved your stuff, glad I can watch you on here too!

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    Just setting up and getting some of my more recent stuff up on here. Not leaving any of my current galleries, just expanding. More info will go up soon about commissions and all that.

    Enjoy! : )