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**Changes Effective Immediately**

on 1 September 2017 at 14:05:01 MDT

Effective Immediately I will be shutting down my Inkbunny and Weasyl Accounts for two reasons:
1. I have very little support/favs/diversity on those pages.
2. I'm shutting down our home internet connection due to financial strain.

In the past two months my husband lost his job and found another, but it came with a significant pay cut. Because of that (I'm sure you've noticed) I've been pushing for commissions really hard. I'm not looking for pity, but I do want to work. So I'm ready to take on those jobs if you have one for me!

With this internet adjustment, I'll still be posting on FA, Twitter, and Patreon, but that will be it. Communication should remain about the same, I just won't be able to sit on twitter all day and waste time thankfully.

If you would like to reach me, here are the links to my sites:

Slots Open!

I do have slots open for commissions for the month of September. To meet our financial needs, my goal is about $300 in commissions per month. Until that number is hit, slots are open. Once I get to that number I'll close them until I finish everything, then open them back up. So if you do want a slot, get in quickly because it's going faster than I anticipated.

All August commissions will be finished before I start Sept. commissions.

I am considering offering a "rush order" on commissions. I'm not crazy about the idea, but I will make it available if you are interested.

Thank you for all your continued support and have a great weekend!

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$ 25.00
Fully Rendered
$ 35.00


Digital Inks
$ 20.00


Digital Sketches
$ 10.00
Traditional Sketch
$ 0.00

Sketches are done in my sketchbook and can be rough. Most will be lightly shaded but without a great amount of detail.

Digital Sketches are two color sketches. One as a base and the other a bit more refined, much like my sketchbook sketches.

Digital Inks are lineart.

Flats are single colors with no shading and a one color background.

Fully rendered includes shading on the character and a simple background.

Extra items, such as background and extra characters are to be determined on an individual basis.

All payments are to be made through paypal. Note me with your commission information and I will give you a price and my paypal info. Please make sure to include "Commission from Dmitry" in the transaction notes.

*All commission sales are final. I will issue refunds only in cases that I determine necessary.


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