Mule Definitive by Nomad

Mule Definitive


15 June 2015 at 22:56:26 MDT

Well, I suppose this pretty much lays it out plainly.
Folks are like, man you've got this whole cast of characters, which one of them is your personal character. Which one is you?
This one. This one was the furry version of my actual self.
Vanier, a mule of not exactly precisely known origins. Shades of brown and gray, with blue eyes and a farm hand build. Tan around the edges, pale in the middle, fuzzy around the muzzle, and blue in the eyes.
Vanier obviously is mine, and also me.

Art by the venerable art genius Cadmiumtea

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    Did he used to be a horse?

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      It was a step in the journey. Then it turned out the horse character made a WAY better mare and personally the mule type fit me better. :3

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    Awesome! Mules are perfect <3

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      Yar, they're wonderful.
      Also, similar personalities and walks of life I think. I'm kind of trying to do a two-versions-of-self thing. One being the workweek version, the responsible, up before dawn, getting it done, etc. That would be this one.
      The other in the works is the weekend version, the carefree, go all the places, see all the things, do all the things, have fun at any cost side that comes out when work is through and it's time to play.

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        Perfect <3 I think this is a wonderful match, honestly. :)