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True Colors [Halloween 2023] by acinonyxjubatusrex

True Colors [Halloween 2023]


Presenting this year's Halloween costume! Alex Chen from Life is Strange: True Colors

I originally wanted to cosplay a character from a different franchise, but it came out more recently than LiS:TC, and the very existence of said character is a major spoiler. Ultimately, I decided to go with Alex! I find her very relatable for personal reasons.

The patches were sewn to the jacket by myself. I chose a rougher stitch style and visible thread for the "BOOTLEG" one, since that patch is more weathered-looking in-game. I went to the trouble of accessorizing my fursuit with earrings like Alex's, though they sadly aren't very visible in the photos. It was tricky to find prescription glasses resembling Alex's that fit my budget (reminder, they are vision aids for me and not just a fursuit prop), but considering the simplicity of her character design, I realized the details would really make or break this costume. Honestly, the round frames are kinda cute on me, and red is one of my favorite colors. I might start wearing them outside of cosplay!

Editing the 3 inset scenes to show Alex's Empathy powers was a last-minute idea. I think it adds a little extra punch! Even folks who aren't familiar with the character can tell she's from something, not just me in a denim jacket.

Shetani is acinonyxjubatusrex acinonyxjubatusrex
Fursuit by magpiebones magpiebones
Alex Chen (c) Deck Nine/Square Enix

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