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Furnal Equinox 2018

Hi everyone Been quiet the last few wks because i am preparing to go to furnal equinox in Toronto. I will be having my very own table (table 49) for the first time ever, and i will be selling HELLO PENGUIN magazines and showing off the upcoming HD rerelease of HELLO PENGUIN 2. If you are planning t…

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Drop me a ref

And maybe I'll draw it.. if i feel like it.. but don't feel bad if i don't ok Priority goes to people i know but i guess anyone can post something if they see this thank you I have enough now

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A lil' ol update

hey hey! It's been a while, so I figured I ought to let y'all know what I've been up to! I mean I'm p sure anyone that actually cares already knows, but I aint got nothin better to do right now (that i'm actually willing to put any effort into) ANYway, I haven't been as busy drawing lately because…

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OC Interview meme

I got tagged by Tiido to do one of these journal meme things, since it sounds like a fun idea and I'm usually terrible for developing my characters I figured I'd give it a shot and see how it goes! I guess it'll also force me to settle on some of the headcanons I never decided on, haha RULES : 1. P…

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homepage REVAMP

After months spent shaping HTML, crafting CSS, and spelunking the Geocities ruins in search of the rarest and most precious gifs, I present to you: NOXID.CA version 1.2 Gaze upon my creation as you are serenaded by sweet midi tunes, and wonder at the majesty of cutting-edge web design technology. a…

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Furnal Equinox - I am attending

Yeah yeah yeah, I went last year, I'm going this year too. Driving up with some local dorks and staying at the airport hotel. I dont think I'll know anyone from there specifically?? but it's fun to go anyway. I'll be pushing my latest Bubsy merch and taking in the sights. Look for the big red excla…

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hello penguin, to?

after a thousand years of procrastination, the golden age of penguin has arrived. witness your eyes as they traverse a mystical webportal to not one, but TWO games in the illustrious HELLO PENGUIN saga. feel the hopes and dreams of a thousand nations wash over you as you download the games, every b…

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Happy Holiday!

Yo ho ho, I'm home for the holidays it's okay. I left my tablet pen at my apartment, so I can only draw mouse stuff until I get back :[ in other news, I'm also done school woooooooo it might be some time before I get my diploma, cuz yknow, bureaucracy, but I am like 98% sure I have all the requirem…

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2x grotesque freebies available [TAKEN]

Hey ho, look it's me I wanna draw some stuff like this but I dunno what of so I'll offer a free bust shot (or more??) in that style to the first two people to comment that provide a ref. I'll probably do it within like a week or so. I make no guarantees as to the contents of the finished product, I…

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Weasyl Enhancer Chrome Extension

Yo! How's everyone doin? Just thought I'd let you know that I put together a little Chrome extension to POWER UP your Weasyl Browsing Experience. It offers a couple little feature tweaks that make browsing a little bit nicer. Specifically: hovering over thumbnails for 1 second will show a preview o…

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I will be going to Furpocalypse in uhh.. I think it's Connecticut, this week. I'm sure if you are going then you probably know where it is better than I do. Anyway, should be fun, I'll be hanging out with rorinko and lelacrime and some other duders. If you're going and you find me and also are not…

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whats up

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small update

Hello friends! Sorry I have not been supplying comments or such, I have been consumed by the light of Penguin, and have not had the wits leftover to think of smart things to say about your cool uploads. BUT, now, the release of Hello Penguin 2: two is drawing near. This much-anticipated sequel foll…

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I need to upload more, for realsies I look at my most recent submissions and I'm like "dang, that was a while ago" I think I got some stuff lying around that I just never uploaded because it was a reaction image or other stupid shit, should I submit those or just buckle up and and draw more /new/ s…

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I live on an island now

Yeah, got a full 24h put in at my new place and had my first day on the job. It snowed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it's like May, gimme a break. Work's pretty great though, it's a software dev job at a small company and everyone there is pretty fun. My only complaint is that the trans…

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George and Jonathan III is out!

If any of y'all are appreciators of the fine musical arts, I recommend you check out George and Jonathan's latest album, at It's an ethereal journey of the soul down an electric rainbow. And best of all, it's free! Also, I got mentioned in the special thanks for helping Georg…

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I uploaded my backlog yay

Now there's nothing from FA that isn't also on here, so I can worry about that place even less now. In other news, I had a good time at Furnal Equinox. I forgot my badge at home (oh no) but luckily I brought my trusty 12-colour pencil crayon set so I made one up real quick which I'll upload soon as…

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This is a thing I will be going to please don't hurt me