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After months spent shaping HTML, crafting CSS, and spelunking the Geocities ruins in search of the rarest and most precious gifs, I present to you:

NOXID.CA version 1.2

Gaze upon my creation as you are serenaded by sweet midi tunes, and wonder at the majesty of cutting-edge web design technology.
and before you go, whatever you do

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homepage REVAMP


19 March 2015 at 23:15:31 MDT

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    i sat with your page open for idk how long just listening to the music. Holy hominy christ it was amazing.

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      Dude I just did the same thing.

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      There's nothing quite like warm, familiar sound of a synthesized MIDI that you can't stop from playing.
      I made sure to cultivate a playlist of only the finest and most suitable tracks as well, it's a collection I'm proud of.

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        You damn well better be proud of it because I had flashbacks to some good times in elementary school from it all!

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    Just found that the music doesnt play if youre on mobile/tablet :C bummer

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      Yeah. There's not much I can do about that, since it's a feature of the OS to prevent rogue sites from eatin' up all ur bandwidth without your consent (audio is expensive!)

      A "Play" button for mobile is on my list of future additions.

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        Ahhh okay, that makes a bit more sense. And I whole heartedly approve of said play button, was itching to listen again!