I live on an island now by Noxid

Yeah, got a full 24h put in at my new place and had my first day on the job. It snowed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it's like May, gimme a break.
Work's pretty great though, it's a software dev job at a small company and everyone there is pretty fun. My only complaint is that the transit is absolute rubbish. Only 3 routes (one of which is just the first in the opposite direction) and they don't even run after like, 6:30. And I swear to god I've never seen a city bus with wooden benches for seats before.


I live on an island now


5 May 2014 at 18:22:27 MDT

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    So what's the city or town like? Is there fun things to do? Also how's the weather?

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      It's the biggest city on the island, but still that only means 35k people. It's not a bad place, they rely on tourist income a lot so everything's pretty clean and an effort is put forth to keep it looking "quaint and friendly" in certain areas. There's also hella festivals going on all summer, and if I can find a way to get there, there's plenty of beaches nearby to chillax on.
      Apart from that, I dunno much about what kind of places there are to hang out nearby. But, I've gotten in touch with the local furry charter so I can be with my people, I'm sure they'll show me the ropes.

      I think the weather here is supposed to be pretty nice, disregarding today's snowstorm. It's probably gonna be cooler overall than it was back home since ya got that cool ocean breeze, na'mean?

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    "snow" "May" "island"?? How do these things go together???
    -looks at location on profile- OH
    Sounds like a decent job, glad to hear that the only problem so far is just transit. Granted, Id rather hear that there's nothing bad, but hey -shrugs-

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      Yeah, ain't the Great White North grand?
      Can't win em' all I guess - I'm makin' it work for me though!

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    Ahahaha. Oh man! XD

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      I don't even take the buses. Do they really have wooden seats? D:

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        yes, jesus christ it's not a wonder nobody goes on them!

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          Well, I'll just keep driving then. XD