2x grotesque freebies available [TAKEN] by Noxid

Hey ho, look it's me
I wanna draw some stuff like this but I dunno what of
so I'll offer a free bust shot (or more??) in that style to the first two people to comment that provide a ref.
I'll probably do it within like a week or so. I make no guarantees as to the contents of the finished product, I just follow my heart.

Also, you have to be watching me to be eligible, if u not don't think you can just snipe this journal off the front page for nuffin >.0

2x grotesque freebies available [TAKEN]


23 November 2014 at 17:54:48 MST

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    Does this count as reference? Sir Bedevere the wise, the genius knight in blue!

    Meh, Idc really. Just for the shits n giggles.

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      It shall be done, my liege!

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    cheese sticks and deviled eggs are what drive my life

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      I will be sure to integrate this important information into the composition, thank you

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    Shoot! Missed it! Hope you do these again sometime :)

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      If it goes well I might!
      I used to do stuff like this more often but I had to sideline it cuz of school and stuff.

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        Definitely get that! I'm feeling the crunch >.< Let me know if you wanna do a trade sometime though! I know my style isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I find those really fun ^^