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Places to find me

Hello hello! So in the utter amount of NON SURPRISE that is FA shitting the bed again, I figured as I'm active I'd give you all some updates about where you can find me that isn't riddled with holes as big as the moon (at least, we hope). Look me up on Tumblr: Look…

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Hmm, Hello

Looks like I'll be migrating some content over again in the next few days. I swear, the way these things are going I'm gonna get whiplash. Anyway, hi new folks! Hope you enjoy the site :)

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LadySnakebite Commissions... CLOSED

CLOSED! Thanks everyone! I will be contacting those of you I've chosen within the next few days! What's that? Commissions?? From Lady Snakebite??! BE STILL MY HEART YES I have time now that the semester is done!!!! So while I finish up the last few things I owe people I am going to be opening for s…

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Commission Opening Soon: Your Input Needed

Credit cards and cell phones are sneaky bastards. Since I'm mostly caught up on my backlog, I'm considering opening commissions again. Most of the commissions I accept will be clean commissions on my main account, but I might open for an adult slot or two here as well. So here's my question... If I…

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With Regards to Friend Requests

I've been getting a lot of friend requests lately, and in light of that, I'd like to clarify how I prefer to use the Friend feature on this account. Since this is a side business account, I don't intend to use the Friends feature to actually list my buddies -- you can find them listed at my main ac…

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I'm Back: Details

I'm back Okay, you caught me. Sometimes I still like to draw smut. So I'm putting this gallery here. Please note that this is a side gallery. What I post here will generally be the adult work I do for fun and don't feel is appropriate to post on my main account. Basically, anything hardcore or part…

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Hello everyone! As you may be aware, a couple of months ago I moved accounts on FurAffinity. This is a notice to my Weasyl followers that I am changing accounts here as well! My new, clean-only account is located at Ziblie :) The new account will contain more of my personal art and the kind of art…

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Sorry for the radio silence, everyone! I'm not very good at updating multiple galleries but I'm going to try and get back on the bandwagon here. AnthroCon is coming up shortly and I'm pretty excited! I have a table in the Alley during all three days of the con but am probably taking Sunday off. Loo…

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I'm hypnotized

Dude so Nyil sent me the music video to "Twerk" by Lady and I just can't look away. How do they even DOOOOOO THAAAATTTTT I'm entirely hypnotized, these motion patterns are so mesmerizing @__@

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Dumb questions

Okay, so I'm still figuring Weasyl out. Is there a way to easily link to other users by embedding their icon/username, like FA has in their BBcode system? Does HTML work? Halp.

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Well hello, Weasyl.

Not sure what all I will be uploading in the near future, but expect a bunch of recent art to show up. I still have a lot of this site to explore, so bear with me while my gallery goes through flux. Site activity will determine how much of my business is conducted here, but I will at least not be n…