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With Regards to Friend Requests by LadySnakebite

I've been getting a lot of friend requests lately, and in light of that, I'd like to clarify how I prefer to use the Friend feature on this account.

Since this is a side business account, I don't intend to use the Friends feature to actually list my buddies -- you can find them listed at my main account, which I use more often anyway. Instead, I am using the Friends feature on this account as a business contact list of sorts, composed of repeat customers, other artists, and the like.

You can still feel free to submit a friend request, but please be aware that I may not accept it. Nothing against you -- you're fabulous! -- but I would like to keep the list concise and accurate.

Thank you all for your interest and continued support! You guys make working a pleasure.

With Regards to Friend Requests


2 March 2014 at 10:45:27 MST

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    I'm not picky like 92% of the people I see on here, who cringe at the thought of friendships. Most of them are completely hollow, but then there's the few who actually want to make something of it. If you want to send me a friend request, feel free to do so, I'll probably accept it. I'm not picky choosy, nor am I one of those people who yells at others for a simple request. So bring 'em on.

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      It's not even that I resent people requesting an add on my main account (or here), but I do prefer to get to know people before I "make it official" as it were.

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        That's legit. Curls up on your head like a fancy hat.

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    I kind of see the friends list for like... actual friends. :x

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      Yeah, which is totally understandable. That's generally how I treat my friend list on my main account.

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    they want to see your secret stash of Lisky butts :T

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      I have the largest stash of Lisky butts in the Pacific Northwest!

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        My butt is not a stackable commodity! >|

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          I could stack so much stuff on your butt it isn't even funny. I am a butt stacking master.

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    Sometimes I'll toss a friend invite out to someone If I've met them in passing or conversed on a stream with them...but it's no skin off my nose if they don't accept. I mean, I can understand why, and it doesn't change the fact that I'm following their art...

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      Yup! 'Course it makes it a bit difficult if people use different names in stream. That gets so confusing. x_x