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Well hello, Weasyl. by LadySnakebite

Not sure what all I will be uploading in the near future, but expect a bunch of recent art to show up. I still have a lot of this site to explore, so bear with me while my gallery goes through flux.

Site activity will determine how much of my business is conducted here, but I will at least not be neglecting Weasyl like I do my other non-FA galleries. ;)

See you all soon.

Well hello, Weasyl.


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    Huzzah, and stuff. Don't neglect the collections feature, should be a great way to get exposure through your commissioners, without having to worry about them properly linking to you when they upload~

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      I'm really rather lost on how that works, honestly. I have to request it or something, don't I? Which means I have to find their gallery in the first place...

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        Yeah, you'd need to know the commissioner's user name, part of why I'm diligently hunting down artists I work with. It's something that, at present to the best of my knowledge, is only offered by the artist to someone. (Collections Help Topic)

        Some problems I've read about - if a user has not enabled adult content in their settings, the system will throw an error if you offer it to them. I missed if it's been given a more verbose message or not.

        Weasyl's also a tag-heavy site by design, we'll see how it pans out as I'm reasonably sure getting artists to follow tag conventions is like herding cats.

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        Oh it's pretty easy, actually! Go view any of your submissions and you should see a field somewhere on the page that says "Offer to user as collection." Just type someone's Weasyl username in there and it will send that person a notification. If they accept it, then the pic shows up in their collection!