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LadySnakebite Commissions... CLOSED by LadySnakebite

CLOSED! Thanks everyone! I will be contacting those of you I've chosen within the next few days!

What's that? Commissions?? From Lady Snakebite??! BE STILL MY HEART

YES I have time now that the semester is done!!!! So while I finish up the last few things I owe people I am going to be opening for some commissions. 8D MUCH EXCITE! SO ART! VERY DRAW!

So here's the deal! On this account I will do adult artwork! BUT this commission offering is wing-its only. What that means: You pick the characters! You pick the orientation! You pick the rating (mature? adult?)! You can mention a theme you'd like me to consider! But I pick the pose!

My wing-its are flat color only BUT I may randomly upgrade one finished flat color piece to cel shading if I have time!

*The price of an adult wing-it is $85 CAD per character! *

I am opening the form for these until Monday -- they're not necessarily first come first served but I would like to do a bunch, so submit as many ideas as you'd like!

LadySnakebite Commissions... CLOSED


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    I guess I should wait for the opening on your other account, then! Unless you feel like doing something involving milk or some intense attention.

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    Agh! I just pre-paid my rent since I'm leaving for vacation on Wednesday, and my bank account's largely empty until my paycheck hits it on Thursday. Do you demand your payment immediately upon acceptance, or do you ask for payment when you're ready to begin working on the art?

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      I generally ask for payment up front to reserve the slot and keep myself organized, but I'm willing to work something out!

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    i would be down i just cant do wing its