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Kobi LaCroix

Kobi LaCroix / 39 // Cascadia

Commissions: Filled
Trades: Sometimes
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New Telegram Art Channel This is the link to the SFW channel. Note me for the NSFW channel. Or find me on Telegram. Or ask a friend. :)

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Telegram Art Channel Shutting Down, New Channels Coming Soon

Recently, an iOS user who had been watching my Telegram art drop channel notified me that my channel had been blocked on their device, “because it was used to spread pornographic content.” I looked into this and discovered that others were having the same issue. I know that numerous adult channels…

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New Synthwave/Retrowave Album: FOXRUN Demo: Out Now

Last November, I took part in NaSoAlMo, a musical challenge similar to the more famous NaNoWriMo. Participants are given a month to write, record, and release an album, which must be at least 30 minutes long. While I didn’t actually release an album, I managed to write and record over 30 minutes of…

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Threetails and I are officially married as of today. *happy fox boinging*

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Debut Album from Gamma Repeater Out Today

Some of you may not be aware that in addition to drawing cartoon animals, I also do music. Some of you who are aware that I do music have probably noticed that I haven’t been putting out any new music in a couple years. One of the reasons for that is that lately I’ve been putting most of my musical…

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Room Space for Rainfurrest?

Threetails and I are planning on being at Rainfurrest this year, and we're looking for room space for the two of us. We're pretty relaxed as far as sex, alcohol, weed, etc. is concerned, as long as you're being responsible and not doing something that might get us kicked out, but we're also willing…

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Seeking Advice on Starting a Patreon

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time but have let sit because I've had little time and energy to figure out how to articulate all my questions and concerns. Basically, I don't want to set up anything unless I know that it'll be worth my while, that I can do it competently and…

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Commissions Closed

All the slots have been filled. Thank you all for your interest. If you missed your chance to reserve a slot, don't worry; I will open again soon. Thanks again, and keep watching!

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Commissions Open

I'm opening three slots for commissions of any kind. More info

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Quit it with the joke tags.

Weasyl automatically rearranges tags in alphabetical order, so making "joke tags" doesn't make any sense. For example, if you put in "pony ass blueberry pancakes I like big butts and I cannot lie", it comes out "and ass big blueberry butts cannot i lie like pancakes pony". In other words, word sala…

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Getting Uncomfortably Close to Me

What's your real name? Kobi LaCroix. That's what I call myself. It's what other people call me. It's a real name. If you want my legal name, it's Tough Shit Honey. How tall are you? Somewhere between a field mouse and a saguaro cactus. What's your natural hair color? Reddish-brown, somewhere betwee…

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Okay, enough with the jokes. Here's what's happening: I'm opening two slots for Character Select commissions (the ones where I pair up a character of mine with one of yours), and I'm opening one for standard full-color-and-shading. T&C and available slots can be found here. More info on Character S…

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Specially for the holidays, we're offering a CHRISMATACULAR DISCOUNT BONAZARRITO! Only 300 bucks American gets you a deluxe commission with all the trimmings: -Your character, drawn completely without reference, with my eyes closed, with a Sharpie Magnum that I shoved up my rectum! -Your choice of…

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A Thank-You to All the Artists

I'd just like to extend my gratitude to all the artists who make my life a little brighter with their beautiful, weird, and entertaining creations. I know I tend to be a bit stingy with the faves and comments, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy your work. You bring happiness to the world; please,…

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Just a reminder that I have a few tumblr blogs. I deleted them a while back and then reinstated them, so if you were following them already, you'll have to refollow them. <- Main blog, mostly art <- Sketches http://fuckyeahkobila…

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Things I Learned at Marscon 2013: How to Have a Really Good Show

Rehearse. Pick songs within your range. Have backups of your backing tracks available in multiple formats. Rehearse! Make sure all your equipment works before the show. Always be doing something. Awkward silence is…uh… Bring some real choreography into your act, not that spastic white boy shit you'…

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I've just registered and set it to redirect to Hopefully this will make it easier for people to find my website.

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Friend Requests

Just as a general rule, I'm not accepting friend requests. I personally don't think that an art gallery site really needs a "friend" feature, and the way it exists now (especially using the word "friend") has too much potential to create drama. I may decide to accept friend requests at a later time…

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Tablet Upgraded

I bought a new Wacom Bamboo Splash. And so the arting shall resume.

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Tablet Update

I'm going to have to amend my earlier statement. The tablet isn't completely broken. In fact, the tablet itself is working just fine. The pen is just acting up. First thing that happened, one of the buttons popped out. This would be the smaller "middle click" button. I managed to fit it back in and…

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Tablet's Broken

Pen stopped working this morning. No new art for a while. Apologies to any people I owe commissions. Dammit.

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Now Uploading Stuff

I'm finally getting around to uploading some art here. I'm having a tough time deciding if I should just repost everything from FA or pick a few favorites. I prefer to just start with the newest works and only repost something later if I really, really like it. Any thoughts?