Debut Album from Gamma Repeater Out Today by Kobi LaCroix

Some of you may not be aware that in addition to drawing cartoon animals, I also do music. Some of you who are aware that I do music have probably noticed that I haven’t been putting out any new music in a couple years. One of the reasons for that is that lately I’ve been putting most of my musical efforts into playing keyboards for Gamma Repeater, a local progressive rock band. I haven't been saying much about my involvement, but something is happening now that must be mentioned.

We’ve been working on an album.
That album was just released today.

It’s a concept album centered around a person known only as “G.R.” He is conceived as a result of an affair between a preacher’s wife and a local politician. She keeps the child hidden away in the church until he escapes as an adult into the city to start a rock band. During his band’s first concert, the strobe light is activated, causing him to suffer an epileptic seizure on stage. His condition proves to be so severe that he must undergo a “Corpus Callosotomy”, a controversial surgical procedure wherein the two hemispheres of the brain are effectively separated from each other. This alleviates the seizures, but also introduces frightening psychological side effects.

We hope you listen and enjoy!

There will also be a CD release party and concert tomorrow, which will probably be filmed and put on YouTube later.

Debut Album from Gamma Repeater Out Today

Kobi LaCroix

18 September 2015 at 22:42:11 MDT

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