Friend Requests by Kobi LaCroix

Just as a general rule, I'm not accepting friend requests. I personally don't think that an art gallery site really needs a "friend" feature, and the way it exists now (especially using the word "friend") has too much potential to create drama. I may decide to accept friend requests at a later time, but don't take it personally if I don't accept yours.

Friend Requests

Kobi LaCroix

19 February 2013 at 16:06:26 MST

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    Couldn't agree more, honestly. It creates a bit of a 'line in the sand' as it were between groups of acquaintances.

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    I think it's done as an optional art filter so you can only see work done by your "friends".

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    No problem! I just automatically "friended" and "followed" everyone I knew who watched me here (or people I found that I had watched from FA), so I don't mind if they don't friend me back. :)

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    I actually like that it has Follow and Friend as separate things.