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Character Development Weeks Done! Updates!

on 18 February 2017 at 22:17:41 MST

You heard it here. I am now finished with my weeks of character development. I got so many asks, even when it was my most ignored characters. Seriously it makes me feel so loved that everyone cared so much about them at all. It has been a trek. An enjoyable one, sure, but still it feels like I just ran a marathon. And there is still more to come! I have a collection of Zae asks that I didn't get to as well as opening up a different set of character asks to just always have open. So lets break down what is going on in simple terms.

  • Zae asks will be finished up this week

  • Magic isn't getting a character week

  • Permanent character asks open

  • Expect the same density of art for the next few days (baaackloooog)

  • Starting a comic in Project Cyden (!!!)

  • And back to normal otherwise. As normal as it gets around here

Off to details.

Some of you might remember that during Zae week I didn't get through all the asks. I did a lot more personal artwork in that week and it left me with little time for all of the wonderful questions you guys brought me. I will be going through those slower than I have been answering questions during the challenge, but I will get through them! I had to spend a while just wondering how the heck I would answer some of them so its nice I got that break (of a few weeks cough cough). Not only that, but it will let me wind down back to a RATIONAL upload schedule again. Did you know that I used to have a hard-set rule of one upload a day max? We would be here until June if that were the case. I might still try to go to a 1-3 a day depending on what it is and how long my backlog is.

Magic is not getting a character week. She is basically intended to be a really smart cat. She is also mute. Ever try to interview you cat? What about a pet snake? What about a snake-cat with wings and powers? It doesn't work. I would have to have other characters explaining things ABOUT Magic but not her herself. Unless its something I could do physically. But the real problem is that she has nothing to develop compared to the other ones. I could do little things here and there but it wouldn't be much. Where "occupation" on the character sheet would be filled with "laying in sunbeams" is about the best you could get ;)

People who have been following me a LONG time probably know that I have had character asks open all along. And seeing the feedback I got from these weeks of art, I am honestly hesitant to say I can complete any that you give me now that everyone knows I do them. So how about this: I will have asks open for good. Just leave a comment that is pretty clear WHO you are asking and what. Don't put it at the bottom of your actual normal comment or anything like that, just post it as its own comment. I, on the other hand, will grab the ones that fit my fancy or I think could be really interesting to answer AND the ones that get asked by a bunch of people to answer. The popular ones will get answered and the interesting ones will get answered. I got a lot of chaff and jargon these weeks that I felt didn't give us any insight to the characters at all. No offence to the people that asked them, I'm sure it was super important for you to know. But I will be a little bit more nit-picky. Don't be afraid to leave an ask if you have something you are curious about though! I love seeing the interactivity with my characters.

Remember when the challenge said "only this character for a whole week"? Well I broke that pretty hard each week. Coupled with a few other pieces that I FINALLY got around to scanning and such, I have some artwork to upload still. I will use that and the asks as an excuse to wind back my upload schedule. I am currently sitting at 3.1 a day this year on average. For those that aren't following along, that's absolute fucking bonkers. I can't keep THAT up for the whole year. I would be happy to have a 1.0 at least by the end. I only have to make about 150 more pieces and I will reach that goal, too. For those that aren't aware, that is a hidden artist goal of mine (upload 1 piece a day for a year on average). Crossing my fingers and wishing hard that I reach it this year!

BIG NEWS story of the day. I have said I was going to do this a few times throughout this challenge, but here is the official announcement. I am going to be starting my Project Cyden webcomic "Descendant" in a couple of weeks. Why a couple of weeks? Because I don't have the cover or page 1 done yet. And I have a bad habit of taking over our kitchen table with note cards about it. We got to eat sometime, right? Right? For those that don't know what the heck what this announcement is about, let me explain it in more detail. It's a webcomic following three siblings as they attempt to destroy the cult they were trained and raised by their whole life. Its set in the fictional world of "Cyden" specifically in New London. Where the city is lit up by neon lights and the people are killed for the sake of it. BUT HERE IS THE AWESOME PART. I will be using stuff from the forum of Project Cyden to use in my comic. The people that have been contributing on there have done an awesome job of making content. Some of which I actually plan on including in my comic :D If you want to participate in the world, or even add your own character to the expanding roster, then you can explore the forum here:
Maybe if you make something cool and fitting, it might make its way onto one of my pages. The comic isn't set it stone at the moment. I am planning on making it a one a week schedule, with uploads to the actual forum being a week earlier than on here. Reason being is that its more FOR them. Might as well reward those that helped contribute to it <3

Whew boy that's a lot of information, huh? Hope you read through it. Or at least skimmed that last paragraph. That one was a doozy. If nothing else, the notes at the top should let you know the basics of what is to come. I just finished a 7 week challenge and made over 150 pieces during it. I can do a big post as a journal, darnit! And you can spend the time to read it! Aw well, I cannot force you to. I hope you have a wonderful day today :D

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