I'm just a furry. I'm an artist too, that works in both traditional and digital art. But my curiosity drags me into just about anything that catches my fancy. I'm new to this site, so any help with the nitty-gritty details will be awesome!

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Traditional stream delayed until tomorrow.

on 8 December 2017 at 12:10:12 MST

Howdy peoples! I was going to announce that today's stream was going to be a Traditional stream where I will be selling commission slots at my convention prices. But something came up that I had forgotten about and I won't be able to stream at all tonight! So instead I will be moving it to tomorrow (12/9/17) at the same time as usual (6PM Central Time at ).

Since I have you here, I might as well share prices, huh? At least if you are interested in picking up a piece tomorrow! I rarely have traditional slots open, so I don't have a unified price sheet for them nor suitable examples. I can happily show what I was making in my own time at MFF if you want to see what you are getting into though. These prices are for the stream ONLY. After its over I won't be taking new ones. However I feel confident in taking a ton in-stream to even work on outside of stream if you want.

Fullbody Sketch - $7
Fullbody Ink - $10
Fullbody Simple Shading - $15
Fullbody Colors - $20 (Colors permitting, of course)

Want that as a halfbody (waist up) piece? Knock $2 off the price. $3 for the colors piece! Want it shipped to you? $2 should cover the costs of your entire order anywhere in the US.

I have stickers and prints I am selling, but the goal of this stream is to get back into the swing of traditional artworks. So the focus will be there <3

Thats all folks! Thanks for reading. Hope to see you tomorrow. Sorry for the strange schedule this week. Such is life!

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    I like your shark OC's!

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      They've been an absolute blast to work on. And they are a species that I have made open about a week ago too! Try browsing for "box shark" sometime and see what you find. I dunno how many of them are being posted here on Weasyl though '^^
      Anyways, thank you for the kind words. I hope you have a great day today!

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    Thanks so much for the fave! :D

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    whats a zaezar and why isnt it giving me coffee

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    Thanks for the favorite!

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      No problem! Its a very sassy pose, and the partial skechyness of it makes it something I can learn from :D
      Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks much for the follow!

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