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Not going to be posting on here starting the 1st by Zaezar

TL;DR Its not worth posting on here at this point anymore.

I try multiposting to all the art sites I use and keeping track on what works and what doesn't. And frankly the actual interaction and speed I get on Weasyl is just not worth the effort to upload here. I know its not a popularity game, but the views/interaction is legitimately less then 1/6th most of the time. Which makes it hard to justify keeping it updated. I'll still be using the site to follow and interact with people, but I won't be making any new posts for the foreseeable future.

If you want to keep updated with me and my projects, here's the best spots to be able to do so!

I honestly really do love Weasyl's site. it's smooth easy to use and has some nice features going for it. But It's got its own flaws. I notice that the uploads have been leaning more towards adult material then not. When I upload a piece it can sometimes sit on the main page for an hour before other uploads push it down, there's so little uploaded. And the folder system needs to be reworked so I can put things into multiple categories (just one folder allowed per art limits me so much for my organization needs.) Like I said above I plan on using the site still. Hopefully I see it gets more active and I can justify posting again. Until then, I hope you have a lovely day today!

Not going to be posting on here starting the 1st


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    I’ll miss you! Best of luck and take care on the other sites! :)

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      I hope you have a lovely time here and wherever else you decide to bless with your presence <3

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        Weasyl's always been good to me since I came here. Quiet or whatever, I'm gonna stick with it! :D

        Thank you for all the time you spent here talking with me and others! :) I'll make Mao tell you "hi" every once in awhile at random! XD

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    I appreciated your continued use of this site. I understand the reason for adjusting!
    Thank you <3

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      I follow some really nice artists on here. I can't just totally leave :P

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    I've already done this once, and I'm starting to get the same feeling again

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      Can't blame you. I like the site but its just not super worthwhile most of the time, ya know? Sucks to see.