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summer swimsuit series: rosemary by keirajo

summer swimsuit series: rosemary


Sooooooooooo..........I was worrying if I'd ever get these done before summer ended, since I was trying to finish my backlog of "digital to color" things. Then, today, I sat down and just said--heck with it, we're gonna color these traditionally. XD

So, I did the [mostly] female characters of my Pokemon University universe in swimsuits for the summer. Flat colors, only because I wanted to get them done. They're a mix of markers and gel pens.

And, of course, there's Rosemary. :)

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak. OC belongs to me. :)

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    She looks fantastic in that! Certainly an interesting colored bikini!

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      I think using this color combo with my markers was very striking, it turned out better than I thought! :D

      Thanks so much! :)

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        It's super striking!

        Most welcome!

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    What was your method of getting that smooth gradient on the swimsuit? Did you end up having to wet-blend or did you just have a lot of colors that were similar to each other enough to just draw it out?

    Love this series, by the way~

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      The Chameleon Markers are designed to do this--I'd say if you can find them, give them a try (I've only found them at Michael's stores). They are a marker designed to blend colors and then fade back to it's original color--or to use a colorless blender to do light-to-dark gradients. They're very cool, the marker is designed to touch tips together (holding the marker vertically) and blend the color/colorless for a short time, depending on how much time you press the tips together. Unfortunately, they are one of the more expensive artist markers out there, so I've only got two sets--a purple/pink set and a blue shade set. Then I have a pink set of specific blender tips. But I really like how nice this is--how the color goes "back to normal" over time and doesn't ruin the marker by blending the tips together. But if you can ever snag a 50% off coupon and can find them, buy a full marker set of colors you like (they come with a colorless blender tip) and then a blender tip set of colors you like to test them out. :)

      Thanks so much! :D

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        I'll have to give them a look sometime! I don't do traditional stuffs much anymore but new tools and techniques is always fun to learn

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          It might be something nifty to have for future conventions, where you might do stuff at a booth! :)

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    Cute AND sexy!

    Well drawn, there!