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Weasyl Don't Comment?

on 24 January 2014 at 08:30:04 MST

I've noticed that images posted on Weasyl don't seem to get a lot of comments, and I'm wondering, is that a function of Weasly just having a smaller user-base as yet? Is it inconvenient to comment on stuff in some fashion? Or is just that the site is more of a "oooh, look at the purty pichers!" kind of place? Or maybe it's a combo of all or some of the above?

I do have to admit that the layout and design do seem to have a sort of "gallery" feel to them, where looking at the art is the primary focus and comments and other forms of communication are sort of secondary - in fact some of the other functions for controlling things are downright obscure (trying to put up a streaming notice is a 5 minute hunt every time).
-edit- Heck, I only just noticed that it looks like you can't reply to comments: the "buttons" to reply and link to a comment are hidden until you mouse-over the comment itself.


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    There's just too many tig ol bitties and sloppy tongues to favorite on here, so let me just express a blanket form of adoration and excitement at your latest onslaught of raunchy goodness ;____;

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    Found you here too ^.^ !!!

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    Yer on Weazyl! Sweeeet! Always glad to see your art. :-)

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    Yesss post mooar XD

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    Thank you for the fave. You're one of my favorite artists.

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    Welcome to Weasyl, enjoy your stay, and bring on the hyenagals. :D

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    No art? :(

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      Soon! I'm catching up on this whole "multiple sites" thing.