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Things about me:

I have a degree in animation that I don't plan on using.

I like to read. A lot.

I also like to write. Sometimes novels. Sometimes short stories. Sometimes stories that I turn into comics.

I'm a full-time freelance artist, and take all of my commissions through FurAffinity (where I go by the same name).

I love travelling. I'm a Canadian, currently residing in England.

I have a very dry/sarcastic sense of humour and that translates horribly on the internet.

I love birds.

Latest Journal

Cinderfrost Patreon

So, I’ve given this a lot of consideration, and I’ve decided to try funding my comic, Cinderfrost, through Patreon. I’ve wanted to finish this comic for ages, and originally I wanted to do that with whatever spare time I had and avoid monetizing it (because that inevitably created drama and never actually worked from a financial perspective, either). Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare time I can devote to it, with pages taking between 8-16 hours to complete. So setting up a Patreon is my attempt at a solution.

Let me preface this by saying that the comic would still be posted for everyone to see. I’ve no intention of making the comic pay-only for viewing. However, the Patreon would give patrons exclusive perks unavailable to the public as a reward. Those perks include: early access to pages, sketches, livestreams, WIP step-by-steps of my painting progress, high-rez PSD files, and sketch commissions (limited number available). If certain target goals are reached, I’ll be holding monthly raffles for a commission, which every patron would be entered into.

The issue I’ve found with Patreon is that perks can take time away from the comic, so I’ve set target goals for how many pages I can realistically create a month depending on how much I make from the patreon. At first glance, the target goals seem ridiculous, but please keep in mind that after currency exchange from USD to GBP, patreon fees, paypal fees and any patrons whose credit cards decline, I’m left with approximately 50% of the number you see. So for every 100$ I make through patreon, I’m actually only getting about 50£. I don’t expect to reach all of the target goals, not by a long shot, but I think it helps give patrons an idea of what they can expect both from perks and an update-schedule perspective, while also ensuring that I don’t end up with a workload of both perks and comic updates that’s unsustainable.

If I do reach one or more of my target goals, then new pages would start next month. My hope is that, even if I only reach a target allowing me to make one page a month, one page is better than NO pages at all and I could slowly but surely finish this comic without burning myself out in the process. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so supportive. I really hope this works and that I can get back to this comic that’s been so sorely neglected! If you have questions, please just ask.

Link to the patreon:

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    Did you die on us 0-0

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    Soooo~ Cinderfrost! How's that coming along? :D

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    we've been waiting a couple years now for cinderfrost

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    Have you ever considered continuing CinderFrost? I'd like to see that story end... Even a book format would be cool. :D

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    Where've you been? I hope everything is going okay! ; ~;

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    pls continu ur comic i love it

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    Just wanted to say you've been a long time inspiration of mine & wanted to let you know you're one of the reasons I strive to improve! Stay amzazing <3

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    Your art is absolutely stunning! Just letting you know XP